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I will ~*officially *~ be a college alumnus within the nest four hours. I don't think it's actually hit me yet.
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I'M DONE WITH FINALS!!!!!!!!!! I just finished my LAST FINAL EVAR about an hour ago. Now, I'm going to go have a nice relaxing day and not think about school or anything connected to it for awhile.

Today, Dan and I are going to get Subway sandwiches (yay coupon), see I Love You Man at the dollar theatre (because we're cheap like that) and bring popcorn and soda to the theatre (because we're super cheap like that). Oh, and we're getting my car washed because it's really dirty and has been bugging me for the last three months (boo, water shortage and disappearing hoses). We're also apparently going to the gym at some point today so we can be healthy. I'd rather not, but it's worth it even if I don't want to go. Maybe we'll finally finish Mario Galaxy and/or watch some Buffy/Angel, too! Today should be a good day =)
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Arrrrrgh I have one more final to study for, ONE MORE, then I'm done with undergrad. Too bad that final is for statistics and I am in severe studying Do Not Want mode right now. Really, I just want to cuddle up with Dan and watch an episode or three of Buffy. *sigh* 13 more hours until I'm finished with undergrad... and 3 1/2 days until I graduate!!!!! Wow I am so excited for this you have no idea. I get to see my family this weekend (parents and siblings (Kelly, Geena, Nick and Matt)) -- they're all coming down Friday for the Commencement ceremony on Saturday morning. Then we're going out to lunch and I might take them to the zoo that I volunteer at if anyone other than my mom is interested. Sunday we're all headed back to San Jose where I'm staying for a week. I'll be able to catch up with my friends and partay like there's no tomorrow and just in general have fun because SCHOOL WILL BE OVER. Next weekend we're having my graduation party with my extended family (Dad's side, at least) so I'll get cake and presents at it will be completely bomb. OH AND I GET TO MEET TEDDY THE 12(?) WEEK OLD GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPY THAT I AM HONESTLY DYING TO PLAY WITH.

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I have a statistics midterm tomorrow morning, and I can't study for crap right now. I just got my period, so I'm cramping and distracted. My hormonal body is crying out for chocolate, so I keep inhaling sugar, which is whacking out my blood glucose levels and making it even harder to concentrate. Add to that my severe case of senioritis. Why today, body? WHY? 
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Jewel is miffed because she wants to go to bed, but Dan is taking up ~70% of the bed with his body and pillows, and I’m taking up much of the remaining ~30%. She jumped up and stared at me until I moved my legs a bit, then she sort of settled down. When I looked around my laptop at her several minutes later, I saw the she wasn’t laying down as I had thought; her rump was perched on my leg and her little paws were on the bed, holding herself in a semi-sitting position. Poor girl didn’t look too comfortable. I moved my legs to the side a bit more and she immediately took advantage of the extra space to get more comfortable.

Pauline keeps trying to call someone on Skype. It’s rather annoying because the program beeps every two seconds during the call connection phase, and it interrupts my concentration, which makes writing this already aggravating lab report even worse. I’m stuck on my bed (Jewel will steal my spot if I move for even a millisecond), so I can’t close the door. I can’t yell because Dan’s asleep next to me.
I've been working on this gorram report since about 10am Tuesday. I'm still only halfway done with it. This will be a fun night...

ETA: It's 4am and I
 still have to write the results, discussion, and abstract. FML, I'm going to be dead on my feet tomorrow.

Edit the second: It's 7am.
I think I'm finally actually factually done. Whoo! Class in 2 hours...
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I bought a big tub of chocolate chip cookie dough today to a) make cookies for my awesome neighbor (because I'm too poor and busy to actually make homemade cookies), and b) eat cookie dough, of course! Before sticking the tub in the freezer, I plastered on a heart-shaped post-it note stating: "DO NOT EAT MY FOOD (it's poisoned and only I have the antidote) Cheers, Catie." Let's wait and see what happens... 

Maybe now she'll finally realize that
 know she's been stealing my food and stop. 

In other news, my physiology lab report is still not writing itself. It's due tomorrow. 
Title page
Materials and Methods
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Stats midterm - check
Thank god for awesome neighbors. I met Brian a few months ago when we were all kicked out of our apartments for 1 1/2 weeks due to mold problems. He majored in computer sciences and minored(?) in math when he was a student at UCI. He always greets me on his way past my apartment to his, and we get into conversations about various things - cats, tutoring, annoying people... I caught him on his way up the stairs last night and asked if he could look at my statistics "exam template." He came in and went through the template with me question by question even though he had work to do, too. He must have been here for at least an hour and a half, if not two. By the time he left, I felt like I had a much better grasp on the subject. I swear, he was a godsend. I must make him cookies or something. 

In related news, my phsyiology lab report is refusing to write itself. It is currently one paragraph in length. It should be somewhere around 6 to 10 pages by the time I'm done. It's due tomorrow. *cries*
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Ugh this week has been insanely busy, and it's not even over yet.

Monday: I had class and tutoring practically 9am to 5pm with only two hours off between classes. I called the student Mental Health Clinic to schedule an appointment about my anxiety stuff, but they were already closed, so I just headed home for dinner. I was supposed to go to my dance class 6-7:30pm, but I skipped it in favor of studying for my statistics midterm.

Tuesday: I had my stats exam at 8am - after only getting ~5 hours of sleep, if not less. It was my only class of the day, but did I get to sit back and relax after that? Noooo, I had stuff to do! I called UCI Mental Health after getting a missed call from them and set up my triage appointment for Thursday. While on the phone, my mom called, so I had to call her back after finishing up with the clinic. I don't exactly remember what we talked about, but I know she mentioned my health insurance and whatnot, then she let me go so I could make some more calls. Next I called a podiatrist for a foot exam so I can get surgery on my foot to remove a bone chip that likes to pinch a nerve and cause me crazy amounts of pain. I got an appointment for Thursday morning next week. So then I called a representative about ordering my UCI class ring, but she didn't answer. I called my mom back, and of course the lady called me back in the middle of the conversation with my mother, so I had to abandon my mom and take the call. I thought this phone call was just some informational thing, but I submitted my ring order! It's gorgeous and should be here in four weeks! I am so excited! But at the same time I'm miffed that it's showing up early because I don't want to ~officially wear it until graduation. Oh noes! What a terrible dilemna =P OH AND GUESS WHAT. It's $50+ less than I expected, so YAY!! So, I got my ring ordered (!!!) then called my mom back to notify her of the transaction, the total cost, and what to expect on the next credit card statement. I literally spent 2+ hours on the phone with 4 different people. When I was finally done with all my massive amounts of phone calls, I had to finish my stats homework and write a worksheet for my tutees and get it sent out. Then I had to make dinner and run out the door to get to speaker event for the National Society of Leadership and Success on time at 8pm.

Wednesday: Same as Monday, but this time I went to dance class, so I was at school from 9am to 7:30pm with three 1 hour breaks - first I came home to get more stuff together, then back off to class; second spent researching tyrannosaurus rex for my physiology class; third for dinner, then I had to run off to make it to dance class on time. End of dance class came around, but was I done? Oh no. I had to meet my group from the National Society of Leadership and Success at Starbucks at 8pm for our first  Success Networking Team meeting (oooh over acheiver!). I didn't get to go back home until 9:30pm! I was at school from nearly 9am to 9:30pm! LAME!

Thursday: Up at 7 for an 8am statistics discussion. Came home, finished stats homework, wrote another worksheet for my tutees, and brainstormed my ~anxiety symptoms for my appointment later on... which made me feel like I was overexaggerating my problems and led to an almost-abandoment of my appointment. I somehow got distracted and was almost late leaving for my appointment. I got there (early!) and waited for someone to give me my patient history forms and surveys. And waited and waited. I must have read the depression, relaxation techniques, and the two anxiety booklets two or three times each. FINALLY someone came out and handed me my forms. I finished and went in to see the doctor lady. It was easier than I thought it would be to talk to the doctor, though she was kind of annoying because she did this annoying/weird laugh/giggle/mhmm thing after almost every sentence. She wrote down tons of notes and asked me boatloads of questions. At the end of the 30 minutes she categorized me as a Tier 1 patient because I am a graduating senior, so I need to help now more so than a freshman. This just means that if any appointment slots open up, I get first dibs. Yay, perks. After my appointment I came back home to do more work for tutoring. I compiled three exams from previous quarters for my students, but I had to answer 1/3 of the questions for myself because the professor hadn't posted an answer key. Dan and I FINALLY actually got to work on our Tyrannosaurus rex powerpoint presentation for physiology. Dan went to bed by midnight, but I get an energy boost around then and went on a cleaning spree around the kitchen, then I  figured out more stuff to add to the powerpoint. I finally got to bed at 2am.

Friday: zomg another long day. 9am statistics (again!), then a one hour break to get stuff together and check email, then off to physiology class. My break came when I found out that I am in one of three groups that did not have to present today, so now I have more time to put a better presentation together for Monday. w00t. Physiology lab was kind of fun today - we got to play with electrodes for an electromyogram. Got done early, turned in  timesheets to LARC, then went to the class I tutor for. Got out at 5pm, raced home, ate a half can of soup and a slice of bread for dinner, and raced back to campus for my review session at 6pm. I ran the review from 6 to 8pm and ended up doing most of the talking because everyone gets all ~scared when there are 24 other people in the room instead of just eight. I got home at 8pm and crashed. Ate some chili for the second half of my dinner while watching Stephen Colbert. Then I realized, I hadn't gone shopping for Gilda's (pronounced Hilda) baby shower the next day. CRAP. I had to run to Target at 9pm to find baby stuff and wrapping paper, zoomed home to wrap it, and now here I am. Why I'm still up, I don't know.

My week is still not over. I have to get up at 6am tomorrow  and leave here by 7am to get to the OC Zoo by 7:30am for volunteering. I'm cutting tomorrow's hours short so I can get back here and go to Wayzgoose/UCI openhouse/some festival in the park and actually have some fun. Later tomorrow, I have another speaker even for the National Society of Leadership and Success - I am unable to make one of the events, but I've been allowed to go to this screening with the NSLS officers because I took the initiative. Go me. Sunday will be dedicated to more work on the physiology paper and presentation. I'm also supposed to help Dan out on a video project sometime this weekend. I just want to sleeeeep.

Highlight  of my week? I
 got new socks!

This is why I never have time to update my LJ anymore. 
Seriously, it's like this EVERY DAY. I wonder how long before this drives me insane? 
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Sorry I haven't been around lately, I've been pretty busy with school and whatnot.

The past couple of weeks have sucked. I had two midterms and two papers to write during week 9 (3/2-3/6). I started writing one paper on Sunday, then had to study for my history midterm on Monday. I went to school, took the midterm (aced it!) then tutored for four hours, got home and started writing again. Tuesday I had to skip going to the zoo so I could finish up my Developmental Cell Biology lab report. It ended up being 10 pages long with 4 references and 9 tables/charts/graphs. As soon as I finished that paper, I had to start on the next one for Neurobiology. I worked on that one as soon as I got out of school/work on Wednesday and all Thursday. And I mean all Thursday. I had to skip the zoo for a second time that week. I finally finished writing it around 3am Friday morning, but could I sleep then? Nooooo, I had to study for my 9am nutrition midterm! So I studied until I was too tired, napped for 45 minutes, then woke up and studied more, ate breakfast, studied more, printed out my papers and headed out to take my exam and turn in my lab reports. My Neurobiology report turned out to be 11 pages with 8 tables and graphs -- so I wrote 20ish pages of scientific writing in one week. Ugh. 

Here's how I ended up doing:
Roman History midterm: 98% A+
Developmental Cell Biology lab report: 72.5/75 A
Neurobiology lab report: 166/180 A-
Nutrition midterm: 16/25 boooo hiss
Huh I just noticed that my grades 
I blame my poor nutrition grade on lack of studying because I was way too busy writing *sad face* But I worked so hard!! The second midterm actually was harder than the first, which Prof Bradley said he wouldn't do but did. 

Week 10 was nothing like Week 9. I had a lot to do for tutoring that week, but not so much for school. I did a lot of extra tutoring for someone who wasn't in my LARC sessions. Yay extra monies. I went to the zoo on Tuesday and Thursday to "play with the goats" -- supervise the contact area and make sure little kids don't kick, push, or tug on the little goats. On Friday, I had a 2+ hour review session followed by another 2ish hours to answer questions. By the time I got home, I was exhausted. That Saturday, I got up at 6am to be at the zoo by 7:30 am. I helped Hilda (the keeper I'm assigned to) with her animals' diets and cleaned the bear pens, then headed out to the goat pens again until 3:30. Sunday was more tutoring for the non-LARC student, then I had to start studying for my finals.

Finals week can be summed up like this, starting Sunday: tutor, studystudy eat studystudy sleep studystudystudystudy EXAM! study sleep studystudystudy EXAM! studystudystudy sleep studystudy EXAM! *die* sleep, go to the zoo, play with goats, come home, read for history, studystudy sleep EXAM! *die again* And here we are. It really sucks to have a final at 8 to 10pm, followed by another final at 1:30 to 3:30pm, followed by another one at 8 to 10am
! Three hard finals, with absolutely no break in between. I really would have liked a few more hours to study for Nutrition (my 3rd final), but I ended up doing just fine. 
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Seriously? Fuck you, UCI. Don't promise a course then block enrollment and cancel it. I was counting on that course. I need it. And I would really like to take it before I take physiology lab, as recommended by my mentor who teaches it. Sometimes, I hate you.  Now I have a shit schedule, thanks to you. 
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So! I may have a job. If all works out, I will be returning to LARC (Learning and Academic Resource Center) to tutor for Drugs and the Brain, a neurobiology/biopsychology course. Wheeee I love this professor! Of the ten quarters I've been at UCI, I've spent seven of them in her classes, either taking them or tutoring. I really, really miss tutoring ad hey! it's good money. Hopefully this will all work out!!
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Okay, I feel a bit guilty about this, but... woohoo! Midterm's postponed until Wednesday because of the fires! I don't know that anyone in the class is directly affected, but the professor didn't want to have to deal with makeup exams, so she decided to reschedule it. That means I get two more days to study (read: procrastinate)! 
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I had to go to school today. On a SATURDAY. It was just about the lamest thing I could do with my weekend. Apparently, we had to go to physics lab today because Tuesday, our normally scheduled class, was canceled due to the Veteran's Day holiday, and we had to make it up. We all knew this was coming, but we as a class decided to "make it up" at its normal time on Tuesday. Then last week, we were told that we weren't allowed to go to school on a holiday. But we could on a Saturday. Explain to me how that makes sense. Explain to me why my mentor was able to hold her physiology lab on Tuesday at the normal time. And explain to me why no one mentioned that we could have made up the lab in any other section on any other day this week, because I really would have preferred not wasting my weekend in a stupid physics lab where we don't actually learn anything.  
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 In happier and non-Prop 8 news, Dan and I went to a basketball game last night. UC Irvine versus Cal Poly Ponoma. It involved a lot of standing and more cheering, but it must have worked because we won! The game ended 69 to 42. Go UCI! It was actually a good way to blow off all the steam accumulated during the week. I think I'll do it again, but with more people next time. 

And, I got an A on my Physics midterm. *gloats*

See? This week wasn't all bad. Just mostly.
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I promise I haven't been ignoring you. I've been so crazy busy, I totally forgot to update LJ:
Saturday (10/18, I think): I got up ridiculously early  (5:55 am!) because I had to meet on campus at 6:50 am to go to Neighborhood Pride Day in Santa Ana. We got there around 7:30 and were assigned a house. For four hours, we painted the house, trim and the garage. We also completely cleaned out the garage, and did some landscaping in the front yard (a few new plants, bark, and stepping stones). I got two spider bites on my ankle -- but since I'm not dead yet, I'm assuming it wasn't poisonous. It was a long, hard, hot day already, and it wasn't even noon. The roomies and I went to a party at 10 that night for a friend's birthday. I couldn't drink much since I was driving (sad face) and I ended up not getting home until nearly 4 am. That was fun. 

Also, when did gas prices fall below $3 per gallon? The price of regular was $2.43 at Costco today. I filled up my car for under thirty bucks. Awesome! Especially so since I don't have a job and can barely afford food so I don't starve, let alone gas for my car.

Last week was horrid. I had three exams in a row on Friday, so I spent the entire week from Saturday until Thursday studying pretty much non-stop. My schedule went something like this: wake up (7:30 am), go to school by 9 am), go to lab, back to school, get home (3 pm), study, eat, study, go to bed (2 am). I read four chapters in my physics book, transcribed my notes, and made a cheat sheet. When I got tired of physics on Thursday, I studied for cell bio, and then went back to physics. I took a practice midterm for cell bio and quizzed the bf on another version. I went to bed at 2 am, and I still hadn't even started studying for animal behavoir. I actually got two hours off in lab to review for that class, and then it was time for the first of three midterms. I had physics at noon, cell bio at one and animal behavoir at 3. It was like taking some sort of standardized test. I found out yesterday that I got an A on my physics midterm, so all that studying actually paid off this time. Yay! =)

Saturday I went to visit my grandparents at their apartment in Loma Linda. My grandfather's down here from NorCal to get proton radiation treatments for his prostate cancer. He needs a total of 45 treatments, and he already has 20. Hopefully he'll be done by his birthday and be able to celebrate the holidays cancer-free. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Other than that, my life has been uneventful (except for Tuesday, but that's a different post). How have you been?


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