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Dan bought me Rudolph and Clarice! I saw them at Safeway on Thursday and absolutely loved them. I carried them around the store like a little kid while we were finding things we needed. Dan offered to buy them for me because he's super sweet like that. THEY ARE SO CUTE AND I LUFF THEM.

Mom tried to tell me Rudolph's girlfriend is Rhonda.

She was thinking Rodney and Rhonda reindeer:

...totally different from Rudolph and Clarice!

I've been wanting Clarice and Rudolph since Dan's mom got them from Build-A-Bear a few years ago, but they were $50 each. So when I stumbled across them in Safeway for two for less than the price of one Build-A-Bear version, I went into MUST HAVE mode. If you can't tell, Rudolph's nose even lights up!

Can it be Christmas yet? Please??

PS: If while reading this you thought "Clarice? Who in tarnation is Clarice??" then I feel bad for you because you missed out on an integral part of childhood. Go watch Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Do it. Do it NOW. It's a 1964 stop-motion classic, and I am dying to watch it again. Christmas can't come soon enough!
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Wow, I've been MIA for a long time. Hi! How are you? Remember me?

Quick overview of the last month:

- I started work the week before Christmas. Basically, I watch dogs all day and clean up after them. It's okay, nothing stellar.

- Christmas was MUCH better this year, though I had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas. We spent Christmas with Dan's family, then headed up north and spent the weekend with mine. No/very limited annoying politics talk this year! That alone made the visit more enjoyable.

- I got a boatload of gifts, most of which were completely awesome. Being poor, I wasn't able to gift much, but I think what I was able to get for others was nice, given my budget.

- Dan saw Sherlocke Holmes WITHOUT ME while I was at work on Christmas. He made it up to me by taking me to see in on New Year's Eve. We got lost on the way home from the mall and ended up on some dark, twisty road in the middle of a forest that we had no idea was there. IT WAS CREEPY. Like, a guy on the side of the road with a bloody axe wouldn't have been out of place. Turns out we made one wrong turn trying to get home. Huh.

- Bright points to getting lost: a) it was hilarious, b) we found a neighborhood that went completely all-out on their Christmas decorations. Literally every house on the block had tons of awesome decorations, and they all had signs out front with The Night Before Christmas captions. Just. Wow. Unfortunately, we didn't have the camera, but we're going to try to find it again next year!

- Dan got a new board game from my parents for Christmas. Anyone ever heard of Settlers of Catan? It's essentially a board game version of Age of Empires, minus the armies. It's a ton of fun, but it seems like one person always gets crushed an unreasonable amount. The last game we played, I wasn't able to do anything. It got to the point where I either had to storm out of the room in a huff, or laugh at my misfortune. I laughed so hard that I cried. Didn't change the game, but I felt better.

- Work has been fine. We use "Cesar Millan's" ("The Dog Whisperer's") methods, otherwise called Dominance Training, to keep the dogs from going too wild. The problem is, I've done some research, and this is an antiquated technique based on a flawed premise and is associated with an increase in canine aggression. I'm trying to find another method that can be used as "crowd control," but so far I haven't come across any real potential alternatives. Any ideas?

- Also, I haven't been getting enough hours. I'm getting 25 hours a week on average, which is barely enough to pay my bills. I'm sending in forms to defer payment on my school loans. I'd rather not, but I would also rather not have only two cents to spare every month. It's just too stressful.

- So, starting on Tuesday, I'm starting the search for another job. I need either a second job that will work with my current job to fill out my schedule more, or one that will give me full-time status (and benefits, pretty please?). It would be really nice if I could find one that paid more than $8 an hour, too. I mean, come on. Hopefully I'll find one where I'm not essentially a janitor. I'm a college graduate with a bachelor's degree, not a high school student. I could have done this job in my sleep as a freshman in high school. I need something more challenging! Or less boring, at the very least.

aaaaaand, we're caught up. So, how's everyone been? Did I miss anything important? Post links here if there's anything you'd particularly like me to read!
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I have an idea for my parents' Christmas present. They went on a trip to France for two weeks for their anniversary in October. One of those weeks was a river cruise. I am trying to get my hands on the photos from their trip so I can make a scrapbook for them. At first I thought I'd have them bring the camera down when they come next weekend. I would upload the pictures to my computer on the pretense that I'll see the photos on my monitor better than on the camera. Then they could tell me where they were, what they were doing, how much fun they were having, etc. I was going to have them do this at some point anyway because I'm nosy like that. My sister Kelly is willing to help me out by copying the photos to a CD or making a .zip file so Mom and Dad won't know about this idea at all. I think I'll still have them bring the camera down so they can show me their favorite pictures or whatever. That way I'll know which ones to include for sure. The problem is, a good scrapbook isn't just pictures. It includes tickets stubs, metro tickets, fliers, pamphlets, programs, itineraries, menus... basically things that were used and encountered while on the trip that will help evoke the memories. I need to get my hands on those things, too, if they have them. Next weekend is probably the last time I'll see them until Christmas Eve. Should I just have them bring the stuff down? Have Kelly and/or Geena find steal the stuff for me? I guess I could just say "I need it" and hope they don't ask questions... and forget about it by the time Christmas rolls around.

Hrm this idea has a few kinks to work out. Any solutions? I really like this idea and want it to work.

I need to stock up on ink.

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Honestly, Christmas this year was pretty terrible. My parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents spent all day talking about politics and the economy and how everything is the fault of those damn liberals (I'm a liberal). My sister was in extreme amounts of pain today due to her condition, so she was at the dinner table for about three minutes before she left to take a hot bath to help relax her muscles.  When she was done, Geena, Nick and I gave her about an hour long massage while we chatted and caught up with each other and got to know Geena better. My mom came in an hour and a half after us and told us we had to come out and socialize, and that we were being spoiled brats because we weren't. She tried to guilt trip us by saying our grandparents are in their seventies and won't be around forever. Nick and I came out, then after being ignored for 20 minutes (during which time Kelly, Geena and one aunt and uncle left) I was subjected to an inane conversation with an aunt I don't really care for about subjects that I really couldn't care less about (students she's teaching braille to, her friend's daughter goes to Tulane and OMG it snowed there!), and Mom came and sat in front of me and told me I could retreat back to the room. I am apparently a much better person now for putting up with my aunt. I HATE spending time with the woman. She talks about things she really doesn't understand, takes over private conversations that she wasn't involved in, and is just really annoying overall. 

Mom doesn't understand Kelly's situation. She thinks Kelly's going to get better and be able to go off all her pain medications and blah blah blah. I'm pretty sure she doesn't completely believe the extent of Kelly's problems. I asked Mom if I could take Kelly and Geena back to San Jose so Kelly would have access to a better bed (sleeping poorly on and uncomfortable bed spells doom for her the next day), and she said no. When asked why, she said no. Hello! I'm 21 years old, I think I deserve a straight answer when I ask for one. Kelly and Geena aren't spending the night here anyway, how would taking them back to San Jose be so different?

 My parents apparently "don't believe in" global warming. And they've infected my youngest brother with their idiocy. My aunt sounds like she doesn't believe global warming is the fault of humans because there are natural cycles of global warming/cooling and points to the ice ages as her evidence. My mom comments on the weather and says things like, "global warming, riiiiight." I'm just so flabergasted that my parents can be so... dumb. My dad basically compared believing in global warming to believing that the sun revolved around the earth.

My aunt and uncle arrived today and took over the room that my brothers and I were sharing, so we've been kicked out and now we have to sleep in the livingroom. I've been wanting to sleep for the last two hours, but noooo, they're still out here, currently having a loud conversation about global warming. So, I've been kicked out of a room I already occupied and told I can sleep in the livingroom, but I'm being prevented from sleeping because they're having a conversation that's going nowhere.  IT'S ALMOST ONE AM, LET ME SLEEP, DAMNIT!

I am just so tired of my family being so idiotic. I would so much rather be out with my friends in San Jose or back with my boyfriend in SoCal. I hate hearing their whining and scapegoating and crap all the time. I am so done with it.

Kelly, Nick and Geena: The highlight of my day was spending time with you guys during Kelly's massage. I love you all. Merry Christmas. 

I sincerely hope your day was better than mine. Merry Christmas everyone. 
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Christmas Eve dinner is always the same in our family: potato soup and these crazy hot dogs made with barbeque sauce and grape jelly.... Yeah, I know it sounds absolutely terrible but it's actually really good! We literally look forward to those things all year. It's such a quirky thing to eat on Christmas Eve, but I love it. I have no idea where the idea originally came from, but you can bet I'll be passing it on when it's my turn. 

We love to play games while visiting the grandparents. Trivial Pursuit is usually our game of choice this time of year, and today was no different. We started playing soon after dinner and didn't finish until 11:30! Darn game lasted for three whole hours. I swear, Trivial Pursuit has some of the worst/most random questions. There was one asking the name of a cartoon show featuring two dimwitted dogs. The answer? Two Stupid Dogs. Go figure. And, seriously? The Sports and Leisure category should just be renamed Baseball. It seemed like 85% of the questions were about baseball, and of course no one here watches baseball or knows anything about it. We finally got tired of trying to land on the center spot, so we just put both team's pieces there and alternated reading the Wild Card category until someone got it and won. My team (Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Erick and myself) won. =)

And now everyone's in sleeping, resting up for tomorrow. I really wish we still did Christmas stockings, because Christmas really isn't the same without them. Some of my favorite memories are of sneaking out of the back room at 6 am, fetching our stockings from the fireplace, getting grunted at by our uncle as he slept on the couch, sneaking back into our room and opening all our gifts from Santa and playing with them and eating candy and nuts until everyone was ready to open presents at 10 am. Even if we changed it, I would still like to do the stockings. 

At any rate, I hope everyone has a great day full of good company and tasty food and lots of paper to tear to shreds. M
erry Christmas!!


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