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Thanksgiving was both fun and a disaster and a half. My Aunt Jan lives up in Washington state, and she came up with the wonderful idea to have Thanksgiving at my parent's new house up there (oh yeah, they bought a house within 20 minutes of Aunt Jan a few months ago; they're trying to rent it out until they can move up). If we went, we would be spending Thanksgiving with Aunt Jan and cousin Kirian for the first time in nearly a decade. I love them both dearly, so it sounds fun, right?

 Wrong )

I hope all of you had a far better Thanksgiving break than I did!
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Mom and Dad disappeared for hours today. When they came back, they had a brand new 2010 Honda Civic.

They gave me (or, more accurately, are letting me use) Mom's 2001 Acura. This is three days after I talked to Dad about using the settlement money from my car to buy a used ~2009 Kia, and he approved of the plan.

Their reasoning? "But you wanted the Acura!"

Yeah, until I had to start driving it again and discovered how grossly inefficient it is. Before I had the chance to upgrade to a newer, nicer, and still gas-efficient car -- one that had better than an average 22 mpg. My Honda made on average 33 mpg. Now I'm stuck with this car that really just makes me feel gross.

I understand why they thought this would be okay -- they own my 2001 Civic, not me, and I've been making noises for ages about getting one of the two Acuras. But seriously. My car got totaled. I fought to get a higher settlement than was offered. I just talked to Dad about getting a Kia with the settlement money. Then they turned around and did this.

I feel cheated. I was the one in a car crash. I was the one who lost a car. I was the one who managed to get over $700 more compared to the original settlement. They didn't do anything. They already had four cars -- four cars between the two of them -- in perfect condition. But Mom wanted a new car, and she is the one who gets what she wants.

Oh, and the kicker? They're always complaining about how oh-so-broke they are. They just bought a car for over $17,000. My settlement was $8000. They now owe ~$9000 in car payments. They just bought the Pilot last year and are still paying it off. And they're still working on payments for the Corvette that was bought ~2 years before that. If I'd gotten a used Kia, I could have bought one for ~$10,000, and owed only ~$2000 on it by using the settlement as a down payment.

But no. They went behind my back and did this.

I really honestly expected Mom to get a new car this weekend. I thought they would trade one of the Acuras in to get it. I didn't even consider that they would pull this BS, at least not without first talking to me about it. Even if they settlement isn't actually my money, I feel that they owed me that courtesy if nothing else.
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I'm ready to slap Matthew and my mother. Apparently, it's my fault that Matthew's cat didn't get her medication today because I "can't just suddenly stop giving her her meds and expect Matthew to be responsible." Yeah, Mom actually said that. I've been telling him since Day 1 nearly two weeks ago that he needs to be responsible to her medications. That was on the 6th. 11 days later, and he's still leaving it for someone else to do every single morning because he "forgets" or he's "too tired." He only does it in the evening because we hound him to take care of her. We literally have to tell him 5 or 6 times before he does it. It takes 1 minute to give Midnight her medicines, but it turns into a 45 minute long affair because he doesn't take care of it. He's nearly 17 years old, and he can't (or won't) even do this right.

I slept in today until nearly 10am. That's 2 1/2 hours after Matthew left for school. I didn't even think to glance at the medication chart to see if Midnight and Teddy had gotten their morning treatments until after 1pm, and that was when I was busy making myself some lunch. Teddy was done, but Midnight was not. Midnight's supposed to get her meds twice a day, around 8am and 8pm. This was 5 hours past that.

I'm so fed up. When my cat, TJ, was sick and dying, I cared for him round the clock. I gave him baby aspirin and massaged his paralyzed leg. I made sure he was eating. I made sure he was taking care of himself. I stayed with him as much as I could until there was no other choice but to have him put to sleep. Matthew doesn't check to see how Midnight is doing. He doesn't make sure she has her special food. Basically, he doesn't do shit for his cat unless he is yelled at repeatedly.

But somehow, I'm the one being blamed because I "suddenly stopped" giving her her meds without first notifying Matthew. This shouldn't even be an issue. Matthew should automatically assume that it's his responsibility because Midnight is his cat. Especially after I have repeatedly told him that he needs to be responsible for this and not foist it off on me. But no, even after 11 days of saying that, this is still my fault.

Matthew is such a fucking failure. He annoys the hell out of me. I wish he would just grow the fuck up. And Mom? Well she needs to grow a pair of fucking balls start actually being a mother to Matthew instead of this namby-pamby BS she's doing now.

(Dad, by the way, was in the next room. He didn't say anything throughout this whole debacle.)
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Ahahaha. I just found out that Tatiana has a blogspot. First thing I saw: "People need to be kinder to one another." Uh yeah, starting with you being kinder towards your mother. From what I've read, she sounds kind of pretentious. I especially laughed when she cited some lady who was nice to her at a store as a "really good person." Honey, that doesn't make her a really good person, it just means she was nice to you. A "really good person" is someone who goes out of their way to help someone even if their help has not been specifically requested. For example: people who work with Habitat for Humanity or Amnesty International; people who go out and help other unknown people make home improvements; people who dedicate time to wildlife and environmental conservation without need for a "thanks" of any kind -- those are "great" people. Someone who holds the door for you is not necessarily great, merely nice.

Maybe that's not what she meant, but it's how I read it. Seriously though, if you want to see some improvement in the world, start by improving yourself. I'm looking at you, Tati.
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Tatiana really makes me want to slap her. Hard.

She can be cool and fun, and then she can turn around in an instant and turn into a bitchy brat. She's always been this way with her mother -- her mother who has done everything for her, from feeding to cleaning to chauffeuring her around town and giving her money whenever she put her hand out for the last 19 years. Sandy did all this for her, her daughter, then Tatiana turns around and tells her what a horrible mother she is for the slightest "infraction." She got better for a while after her parents separated and Sandy moved out -- and Juan's girlfriend basically moved in. Tatiana started hanging out with her mother a lot more and seemed to treat her better than ever, though still not great. Sometime in the last few months though, she mostly reverted to her old behavior. She'll make plans with her mother to go out, then call and cancel because she's sick -- only when her mother called to check up on her, she'd gone out with her friends! And when Sandy has to reject Tatiana's plans because she's too busy, Tatiana gets unreasonably upset. "Pissed off," as Sandy describes it. Now she's yelling at Sandy in public about taking Juan's money (which he owes her, by the way, and why Juan is telling Tatiana about this is beyond me) and in general acting like the spoiled brat she is.

Not only has she reverted, she's getting worse. She's targeting me and Dan now, too.

Dan and I went to his dad's house on Thursday evening after Thanksgiving dinner. We didn't eat anything that night because we were still pretty stuffed from Thanksgiving. The next morning, we slept in late (got up at 11am) and had leftovers for breakfast, then we got dressed and went to his mom's condo. We hung out with her for a bit, then Tatiana showed up. The first words out of her mouth were "What's for dinner." Not a question. A demand. Keep in mind that this is a 19-almost-20-year-old. Sandy replied that she was going out with friends, and Dan and I sure as hell weren't going to cook for her, not with that entitled attitude. So Tatiana sat there sulking while Sandy wrapped a birthday present for Bailey (a neighbor girl that Sandy cared for). Sandy asked Tatiana to deliver the gift on Saturday since Sandy would be out of town and thus unable to give it to Bailey herself. (Sandy has very good reasons why she would rather avoid that family, reasons which Tatiana likely knows but thinks her mom made up.) Tatiana completely refused to do this one simple thing for her mother and implied that Sandy had abandoned Bailey by moving out, and that Bailey wouldn't remember Sandy and and and. SHUT UP ALREADY. So Sandy merely asked Dan and I to deliver it, and we graciously said we would. Tatiana sulked around for a few minutes longer, steadfastly ignored by the three of us, then she gave up on her quest for attention and left. The gift left with her.

Sandy had to leave after that, so Dan and I went out. We came back to the house armed with a CPK frozen pizza and salad fixings for dinner. After making our no-mess dinner, we headed upstairs to watch Die Hard and eat. Tatiana annouced that if Dan loaded our dishes in the dishwasher, she would run it and put them away. Sounds reasonable, right? Wrong. The kitchen sink was full of dishes. Literally two bowls, two mugs and two forks were ours from dinner. We had none from making dinner aside from a knife used to cut the tomatoes and pizza. I just washed our dishes while Dan was busy elsewhere and left it at that. We once again woke up late on Saturday (~10am this time). Dan had Thanksgiving leftovers again, and I had microwave taquitos. I washed all of our dishes from breakfast as well as any that I had missed from the night before. When I finished, the sink was still pretty well stacked with dishes, but they weren't ours. Tatiana once again bugged us to "do our dishes." We ignored her (because they were already done) and left for the day to celebrate out anniversary. When we got back to the house Sunday morning, Tatiana came thudding downstairs while we were eating and announced "You better have done the dishes!" like we were wayward children ignoring their mother's instructions. When she walked in and saw that the sink was still full, she told us that we were "the worst houseguests ever." I replied "most hosts don't expect their guests to do chores" and went on to explain that they weren't ours and that they had in fact been sitting in the sink since before we arrived at the house on Thursday evening. Her response was, "well they're not mine" (like that automatically made them our responsibility??). I just... I'm flabbergasted that she treated us like stupid children when she can't seem to take care of anything by herself -- and she's almost 20 years old!
In short, Tatiana needs to get off her fucking high horse and live in the real world where she has responsibilities and respect for both of her parents.

Tatiana = Dan's little sister
Sandy = Dan's mom
Juan = Dan's dad
Sandra = Dan's older sister
Matt = Dan's brother-in-law, Sandra's husband

Argh I really don't feel like this post conveys how Tatiana actually acts on a daily basis. Her behavior, especially towards her mother, is appalling. Literally everything that goes wrong is her mothers fault whether or not it actually is, and Tatiana has no compunction about making the world know all her mother's supposed faults and how horrible her mother is and how her mother has failed her this time. She also enjoys telling Sandy how dumb, annoying, and embarassing she is. I would have been dead meat if I'd ever spoken to my mother like that, but Tatiana gets away with it scott free. It is absolutely apalling. I really want to call her on her behavior, but I feel like that's out of line since she's neither my sister nor my friend.
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Apparently pauline's boyfriend has a key to the apartment. Meaning, he can come in whenever he wants regardless of whether or not anyone is home. This seems very wrong to me. I've been with Dan for nearly four years now, and he doesn't even have a key. Persilla Queen of the Desert has been with this guy for two, maybe three months and he has a key. I made sure to introduce Dan to my roommates right off the bat so they would know who he was; I barely even know this guy's name. Does this seem right or okay to anyone else? Persilla is acting like the apartment is hers and hers alone. I know I share this space with two other girls, even though nearly everything here is mine and I've been here two years longer than her.


Move out day is TOMORROW. I am so excited, I can't wait!!

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Oh joy. My dumbass roommate is having sex AGAIN. She didn't even check if anyone was home.*

I'm so excited to be moving out on SATURDAY.

On that note, I need more boxes. I still have SO MUCH to get done in just two days.

*I just checked, and I am now *officially* locked out of my room. I needed stuff!

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I spoke too soon. Pauline was home when I got back from grocery shopping last night, and guess what? MY CAT WAS OUTSIDE. I live in an apartment community. I don't feel that there is appropriate safe space for cats to be wandering around outside since most of the surrounding area is parking lot. Hence, I keep my cat inside at all times, or I let her out on the balcony when I'm home. Jewel was down in the parking area when I got home. I heard her collar jingle when I got out of the car. When she saw me, she ran up to the apartment like she was scared of being outside. I followed her upstairs to let her in, and I found Xio and her friend on the staircase. I walked past without saying anything because I didn't want to accuse her of something she may not have had anything to do with. When I let Jewel in, I heard someone in the kitched and saw pauline's laptop on the desk. So on my way back down to the car, I asked Xio how long she'd been home: about five minutes, and she hadn't been inside yet. Queen Bitch pauline let my cat out.

This is not a cat who will slip out at any opportunity. She takes ages to decide whether or not she wants to go out, and that takes leaving the door open for at least five minutes. I don't know if this was intentional, but it should not have happened. pauline KNOWS that Jewel is an indoor cat and that the front door needs to be kept closed at all times since there is no screen door. If it was accidental, fine, but be more careful in the future. If it was intentional, WTF? If she has a problem with me, she needs to talk to me about it, not let my cat out to her possible death. LEAVE MY CAT OUT OF IT. GAH.


In other news, I started a new ~diet last Friday. Dan's been doing this since last Tuesday-ish. This diet is set up so I only eat a set amount of calories (1300), based on my weight and metabolic rate. I can basically still eat whatever I want, as long as 35% of my caloric intake is protein, 45% is carbs, and 20% is fat. Dan lost about 5 pounds in the first week. Since last Wednesday, I have gained a little under one pound, according to the scale. But, according to the calliper, I have lost fat! I went from about 117.3 to 118.0 pounds, and from 11 to 7 on the calliper in one week. So, it looks like I've gained muscle but lost fat for a small overall weight gain. I have three weeks left of this ~diet. Let's see what happens!
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I woke up at nearly 3 this morning to Pauline having sex. IN THE SAME DAMN ROOM. How rude can this girl get?

This situation is ridiculous. I'm going to talk to Xiomara about it and see if she'll help me with an "intervention."

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So, after finally getting into my room, I took a shower. I had to try to dry off and get dressed in the muggy bathroom because Miss Dumbass and her boyfriend were still in the bedroom. So, after dressing, I went to the closed bedroom door, opened it, and walked in. Persilla Queen of the Desert was half naked (getting dressed), and her boyfriend was fully dressed. I ignored them, but as I went to my dresser to put some clothes away, I heard her boyfriend say in a low voice (though plenty loud for me to hear, as I was standing five feet from him): "Something tells me that we'll be the jerks who just walk in." Uh, excuse me, jackass? You've been monopolizing MY bedroom for four hours now, and you're mad at me for walking into my unlocked bedroom. Fuck you, dirtwad.

Ugh I've really had enough of these two idiots.

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I went to bed slightly early last night because I planned to go to the zoo this morning (so I had to get up around 6 am to be there by 7:30 am). At some point, Xiomara came in (with her boyfriend) to go to sleep. I didn't hear a sound. Apparently around that time, my cat got let out of the room and shut out. So, around 3:30 am I was woken up be some determined scratching at the carpet in front of the bedroom door. I opened it to let the cat it, and left the door open so she could come and go as needed. I figured that, since the apartment was dark and it was nearly 4 am, everyone was already settled for the night so there would be no one thumping around to wake me up. Boy, was I wrong.

Around 4 am, I was woken up by the sound of gasping coming from the living room. pauline was having sex (I believe she was on my couch*, eww). I drifted off at some point, absolutely mortified that my couch was being defiled by pauline. They stopped not too long after that and came in the bedroom to go to bed. They came in, scuffing their feet and chatting. I woke up. Again. pauline fiddled with her phone (not on silent) and climbed in to her noisy bed with some guy  who I can only assume to be her boyfriend. Then they proceeded to carry on a "whispered" conversation about something or other. I got feed up because they were keeping me awake when I really needed to get some sleep, so I spoke up: "You guys really aren't as quiet as you think you are." That made them be quiet. For all of a minute and a half. By this point, Dan had been awake for quite some time, too (which is usually pretty hard to do, so you know they were making noise; it wasn't just me), and he made some moaning/groaning/annoyed/stfu noise. So I said something to the effect of: "either stop talking or leave the room." Her reply? Use earplugs. ?!? So I just said, "Fuck off, I have to get up early tomorrow." She finally got quiet and went to sleep. By this time it was nearly 5 am, and I was wide awake. I ended up dozing at some point, not really asleep, until my alarm went off at 6:10 am. I lost 2+ hours of sleep due to pauline's selfishness.

NEED TO MOVE OUT. Now, pls. kthx.

*When I got up this morning, the couch was in complete disarray. Yes, they were fucking on it. Ewww. Anyone have some couch disinfectant?
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Columbia University did some study that linked "late bedtimes" to depression. They're saying that going to bed late causes depression. This completely ignores the fact that teenagers have a much later melatonin surge than adults and children, so the naturally fall asleep later. They also apparently ignore the fact that depression routinely causes sleep problems -- either not enough or too much sleep. Essentially, they took a link between depression and going to sleep late and leaped to "not enough sleep causes depression." CORRELATION DOES NOT IMPLY CAUSATION, NUMBSKULLS. I thought these people were supposed to be smart? Now, if they'd actually deprived healthy people (or rats) of sufficient sleep and saw the development of depression in these subjects, then I'd believe their results.  
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I am seriously Unimpressed with Thursday. The nurse at the student health clinic did a terrible job taking my weight and overshot by a minimum of ten pounds (apparently she doesn't know how to work a scale?), talked to me while taking my blood pressure (which no nurse has ever done in the history of ever), got a very brief history of my problem, and rushed me off to another room, where she told me to take off my pants and put on a gown so the doctor could take a look at my lower back. I started to comply, even though I thought it odd. I was wearing low-rise pants, so my back was perfectly accessible just by lifting up my top. I decided, after taking off my shoes that it was a  ridiculous request and I would not abide by it. In the end, it didn't matter. My (young) doctor came in and briefly asked me about my problem. He then proceeded to poke the length of my spine and test my reflexes. He didn't find any abnormalities (thank god). He handed my a sheaf of papers descibing lower back pain and exercises and stretches that I could do to help. He had decided what was wrong before he even saw me. When I noted that I do several of the stretches regularly, and that they don't do any good because I'm too flexible, he dismissed it and told me to do the exercises. Without checking my flexibility. Then he gave me another paper for the cashier and left. The cashier is another story entirely. I arrived at the desk with the paper and checkbook in hand. The sole clerk hiding behind the glass was entering some paperwork in the computer didn't even glance in my direction. After a polite interval had passed, in which I was still resolutely ignored, I started writing out the check. Her only comment was to make it out to UC Regents. I had to ask her what the charge was. I slid the check under the glass along with the paper. She took it, again without looking at me, and continued with her work, completely ignoring my papers and the fact that I was still standing there. I had to ask her for a recept. She finally looked at me as if this were some novel idea, ran my check, gave me the receipt, and immediately dismissed me. I am completely flabbergasted at the utter lack of courtesy and customer service present in every step of my visit to the health clinic. I am currently looking for a way to lodge a complaint against the clinic. We may be students, but we are still paying customers and should be treated well, not dealt with brusquely and dismissed. UGH.

The other spot of major disappointment with the day is in regards to the grade I received on my physiology lab report. Of all the four or so lab reports I've written in the past, I have always gotten an A-, minimum. This one? Below average. C. WTF. I requested the return of my paper and asked the professor to explain what I did wrong. His response? My introduction wasn't long enough, I didn't include enough in the methods section, I didn't fully answer all the questions that he posed us, my discussion could have contained more in-depth analysis and comparisons of the results. He said all of this without even looking, without even glancing at my paper. How he remembered in exactly what ways my particular paper failed out of the 71+ that he had to grade, I don't know. Oh, and my introduction? Was two pages long. My methods section? Any other TA would have said it was too in-depth for a lab report. The questions that he asked? Were ridiculously hard to answer. That graph I left out was never requested, yet it cost me two points. The professor has two or three different versions of the lab report "guidelines" posted, all of which contradict each other at least once. Essentially, I feel like I was expected to read his mind in order to get a good grade. His exams are the same way--a correct answer isn't enough, you have to provide more than you think is necessary. Sometimes I think he misinterprets things on purpose so he can deduct points. All in all, I am sorely disappointed with this professor. I am seriously considering emailing him to request a re-grade and include a list of reasons why I deserved a better grade. I have never ever received a below-average grade on any writing assignment, ever, so this is driving me more than a little insane.
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I've realized that I hate it when Pauline opens her mouth for any reason. I've already told you all about her absolutely awful eating habits (chews with her mouth open, smacks her lips loudly after every bite...). Just hearing her talk to one of her friends is driving me insane. a) She's really loud. I don't know why she talks so loud when her friend is sitting three feet away from her. b) Her voice literally grates on my nerves. It hurts my head, especially when I already have a headache. c) She like, doesn't like, know how to talk, like, ya' know? I swear every other word out of her mouth is "like" or "umm" or "uh." I can understand if you occasionally have to pause to talk, but that often? In a language you speak fluently? Let your brain catch up with your mouth before you open it and risk sounding ridiculous. She wasn't even talking about anything complicated or technical, just basic human interactions. The absolute best though is when she talks about medicine or health or anything related to biology. She literally knows NOTHING about it, but is completely comvinced that she has some sort of encyclopedic knowledge about these things, and it drives me crazy. Hello, biology major?? Yeah, I know when you're stupid. Now is a prime example. 

Ugh, I need to move out. ANYWHERE BUT HERE.


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