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Mom and Dad disappeared for hours today. When they came back, they had a brand new 2010 Honda Civic.

They gave me (or, more accurately, are letting me use) Mom's 2001 Acura. This is three days after I talked to Dad about using the settlement money from my car to buy a used ~2009 Kia, and he approved of the plan.

Their reasoning? "But you wanted the Acura!"

Yeah, until I had to start driving it again and discovered how grossly inefficient it is. Before I had the chance to upgrade to a newer, nicer, and still gas-efficient car -- one that had better than an average 22 mpg. My Honda made on average 33 mpg. Now I'm stuck with this car that really just makes me feel gross.

I understand why they thought this would be okay -- they own my 2001 Civic, not me, and I've been making noises for ages about getting one of the two Acuras. But seriously. My car got totaled. I fought to get a higher settlement than was offered. I just talked to Dad about getting a Kia with the settlement money. Then they turned around and did this.

I feel cheated. I was the one in a car crash. I was the one who lost a car. I was the one who managed to get over $700 more compared to the original settlement. They didn't do anything. They already had four cars -- four cars between the two of them -- in perfect condition. But Mom wanted a new car, and she is the one who gets what she wants.

Oh, and the kicker? They're always complaining about how oh-so-broke they are. They just bought a car for over $17,000. My settlement was $8000. They now owe ~$9000 in car payments. They just bought the Pilot last year and are still paying it off. And they're still working on payments for the Corvette that was bought ~2 years before that. If I'd gotten a used Kia, I could have bought one for ~$10,000, and owed only ~$2000 on it by using the settlement as a down payment.

But no. They went behind my back and did this.

I really honestly expected Mom to get a new car this weekend. I thought they would trade one of the Acuras in to get it. I didn't even consider that they would pull this BS, at least not without first talking to me about it. Even if they settlement isn't actually my money, I feel that they owed me that courtesy if nothing else.
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This weekend was awesome and awful at the same time. On Friday, we were "warned" via a note in the kitchen that my grandparents might show up on Saturday for Grandma's birthday. So Geena and I cleaned the house - swept the floors, mopped, cleaned the bathroom, straightened up the common areas, everything. We literally gave up our trip to Half Moon Bay together to clean the house. And guess what? My grandparents never showed up that weekend. I am highly annoyed. (More on this later, as it involves much cause for GRR.)

In which I ramble )

That was rather long-winded. Kudos to you if you read it all!

Extra kudos if you recognize where "I prefer "death retardant specialist"" comes from.
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"Separation of church and state" is apparently a one-way street. I am so tired of churches screaming foul and making a bunch of noise when there's even the slightest hint -- however factual, exaggerated, or just plain made up -- that "their rights" as a religious organization might be infringed upon(1), then turning around and pushing crap legislation through Congress(2).

Let me get this straight: The government cannot interfere with churches one way or the other, but churches (especially of the Catholic denomination) can interfere with the government all they want? I'm not a religious person in any sense of that word. That said, I am a moral person. I believe in being the best person I can be for the sake of bettering myself and the world around me, not in hopes of getting into heaven or avoiding hellfire. I am generous with my time: I volunteered at the Orange County Zoo until my financial situation forbade the commute, and I am now looking into volunteering at a local animal shelter. I donate to causes: I donate goods to Good Will, food to food banks, and money to organizations. I am a nice, good person. I don't steal things or abuse others. I try my darndest to treat everyone I meet with love and respect. I think I'm doing pretty well for myself and I would appreciate it very much if the church would stop sticking its nose in my business. I am not in a position to take care of a baby at this point, let alone a pregnant me. I have no job, no healthcare, and I can barely pay my rent and utilities every month. There is absolutely no way I could afford all the prenatal care that is "required" nowadays, let alone hospital bills and food, clothes, and toys for a baby. I do everything within my power, short of abstinence, to make sure I won't get pregnant, but if I do, an abortion would be far less costly than everything I just mentioned. I wouldn't enjoy it, but I'd probably say bye-bye to the fetus. Sorry, but that's the reality. I don't need these holier-than-thou types blocking access to what would be pretty much a necessary procedure.

Churches, whether Catholic, Christian, Mormon, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindi, Shinto, Taoist, Wiccan or whathaveyou, do not have a place in making that decision for the masses. Their place lies in mentoring their congregation and guiding them to pick the "right" choice. But no, they're working to take away that choice altogether, and that's not right.


(1) Most recently, I'm referring to the Prop 8 versus Church fiasco, where churches (most notably Mormon) claimed that they would lose some rights or government funding or some such nonsense if gays were allowed to marry under the law but the church refused to perform the service.
(2) The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops played a large role in forcing the anti-choice abortion Stupak Amendment in the House and released a letter to senators Monday urging passage of Nelson's anti-choice abortion amendment, contending that without it, the bill "violates this moral principle" against federal funding of elective abortions. (
Abortion emerges as obstacle in health care debate)
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Apparently pauline's boyfriend has a key to the apartment. Meaning, he can come in whenever he wants regardless of whether or not anyone is home. This seems very wrong to me. I've been with Dan for nearly four years now, and he doesn't even have a key. Persilla Queen of the Desert has been with this guy for two, maybe three months and he has a key. I made sure to introduce Dan to my roommates right off the bat so they would know who he was; I barely even know this guy's name. Does this seem right or okay to anyone else? Persilla is acting like the apartment is hers and hers alone. I know I share this space with two other girls, even though nearly everything here is mine and I've been here two years longer than her.


Move out day is TOMORROW. I am so excited, I can't wait!!

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This is getting ridiculous. Persilla Queen of the Desert (aka Pauline) has decided that it is quite all right to lock me out of the room any time she chooses so that she can have sex. This has happened at least five times in the last week.

On Sunday, I got up somewhat early (8-9 am) and went into the living room so I wouldn't bother her or her boyfriend who were still asleep in the bedroom. They woke up soon after that and locked the door and started having sex while I was in the living room. I wasn't even dressed for the day yet. I had to go knock on the door to be allowed into my own room so I could get my clothes and leave. Well, I left the door open because I would be going in and out for a bit while getting prepared for the day. I walked in through the OPEN bedroom door and walked right in on her going down on him. Fortunately, the blanket was strategically placed so I didn't see much of him, but I got an eyeful of her fat ass. Seriously?? The door was OPEN, dipshit!

After coming home from the gym today, the bedroom door was wide open. Turns out, they were napping. Fine, whatever. But now, I'm locked out of my room AGAIN while they have sex AGAIN. Once or twice is fine. But nearly every day? Enough is enough. I get that this is a relatively new relationship, but still. Some basic courtesy would be appreciated: a) don't lock me out of the room that we share while I'm home, b) don't have sex on my furniture (which I know they've done at least 2 or 3 times), and c) don't have sex while I'm home!! My sex life has suffered because I follow all three of this guidelines. I hate that it has, but I value some semblance of peace in the apartment. I really want to start violating all of these "guidelines" all the time, just to show her how rude it is.

What would you do if you were in the same situation, flist?

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I went to bed slightly early last night because I planned to go to the zoo this morning (so I had to get up around 6 am to be there by 7:30 am). At some point, Xiomara came in (with her boyfriend) to go to sleep. I didn't hear a sound. Apparently around that time, my cat got let out of the room and shut out. So, around 3:30 am I was woken up be some determined scratching at the carpet in front of the bedroom door. I opened it to let the cat it, and left the door open so she could come and go as needed. I figured that, since the apartment was dark and it was nearly 4 am, everyone was already settled for the night so there would be no one thumping around to wake me up. Boy, was I wrong.

Around 4 am, I was woken up by the sound of gasping coming from the living room. pauline was having sex (I believe she was on my couch*, eww). I drifted off at some point, absolutely mortified that my couch was being defiled by pauline. They stopped not too long after that and came in the bedroom to go to bed. They came in, scuffing their feet and chatting. I woke up. Again. pauline fiddled with her phone (not on silent) and climbed in to her noisy bed with some guy  who I can only assume to be her boyfriend. Then they proceeded to carry on a "whispered" conversation about something or other. I got feed up because they were keeping me awake when I really needed to get some sleep, so I spoke up: "You guys really aren't as quiet as you think you are." That made them be quiet. For all of a minute and a half. By this point, Dan had been awake for quite some time, too (which is usually pretty hard to do, so you know they were making noise; it wasn't just me), and he made some moaning/groaning/annoyed/stfu noise. So I said something to the effect of: "either stop talking or leave the room." Her reply? Use earplugs. ?!? So I just said, "Fuck off, I have to get up early tomorrow." She finally got quiet and went to sleep. By this time it was nearly 5 am, and I was wide awake. I ended up dozing at some point, not really asleep, until my alarm went off at 6:10 am. I lost 2+ hours of sleep due to pauline's selfishness.

NEED TO MOVE OUT. Now, pls. kthx.

*When I got up this morning, the couch was in complete disarray. Yes, they were fucking on it. Ewww. Anyone have some couch disinfectant?
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I am seriously Unimpressed with Thursday. The nurse at the student health clinic did a terrible job taking my weight and overshot by a minimum of ten pounds (apparently she doesn't know how to work a scale?), talked to me while taking my blood pressure (which no nurse has ever done in the history of ever), got a very brief history of my problem, and rushed me off to another room, where she told me to take off my pants and put on a gown so the doctor could take a look at my lower back. I started to comply, even though I thought it odd. I was wearing low-rise pants, so my back was perfectly accessible just by lifting up my top. I decided, after taking off my shoes that it was a  ridiculous request and I would not abide by it. In the end, it didn't matter. My (young) doctor came in and briefly asked me about my problem. He then proceeded to poke the length of my spine and test my reflexes. He didn't find any abnormalities (thank god). He handed my a sheaf of papers descibing lower back pain and exercises and stretches that I could do to help. He had decided what was wrong before he even saw me. When I noted that I do several of the stretches regularly, and that they don't do any good because I'm too flexible, he dismissed it and told me to do the exercises. Without checking my flexibility. Then he gave me another paper for the cashier and left. The cashier is another story entirely. I arrived at the desk with the paper and checkbook in hand. The sole clerk hiding behind the glass was entering some paperwork in the computer didn't even glance in my direction. After a polite interval had passed, in which I was still resolutely ignored, I started writing out the check. Her only comment was to make it out to UC Regents. I had to ask her what the charge was. I slid the check under the glass along with the paper. She took it, again without looking at me, and continued with her work, completely ignoring my papers and the fact that I was still standing there. I had to ask her for a recept. She finally looked at me as if this were some novel idea, ran my check, gave me the receipt, and immediately dismissed me. I am completely flabbergasted at the utter lack of courtesy and customer service present in every step of my visit to the health clinic. I am currently looking for a way to lodge a complaint against the clinic. We may be students, but we are still paying customers and should be treated well, not dealt with brusquely and dismissed. UGH.

The other spot of major disappointment with the day is in regards to the grade I received on my physiology lab report. Of all the four or so lab reports I've written in the past, I have always gotten an A-, minimum. This one? Below average. C. WTF. I requested the return of my paper and asked the professor to explain what I did wrong. His response? My introduction wasn't long enough, I didn't include enough in the methods section, I didn't fully answer all the questions that he posed us, my discussion could have contained more in-depth analysis and comparisons of the results. He said all of this without even looking, without even glancing at my paper. How he remembered in exactly what ways my particular paper failed out of the 71+ that he had to grade, I don't know. Oh, and my introduction? Was two pages long. My methods section? Any other TA would have said it was too in-depth for a lab report. The questions that he asked? Were ridiculously hard to answer. That graph I left out was never requested, yet it cost me two points. The professor has two or three different versions of the lab report "guidelines" posted, all of which contradict each other at least once. Essentially, I feel like I was expected to read his mind in order to get a good grade. His exams are the same way--a correct answer isn't enough, you have to provide more than you think is necessary. Sometimes I think he misinterprets things on purpose so he can deduct points. All in all, I am sorely disappointed with this professor. I am seriously considering emailing him to request a re-grade and include a list of reasons why I deserved a better grade. I have never ever received a below-average grade on any writing assignment, ever, so this is driving me more than a little insane.
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Argh I had a post 3/4 typed and then I LOST it. And of course it saved right after that. GRR. Will re-type when I have time, maybe tomorrow? Good night all. 


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