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Dan bought me Rudolph and Clarice! I saw them at Safeway on Thursday and absolutely loved them. I carried them around the store like a little kid while we were finding things we needed. Dan offered to buy them for me because he's super sweet like that. THEY ARE SO CUTE AND I LUFF THEM.

Mom tried to tell me Rudolph's girlfriend is Rhonda.

She was thinking Rodney and Rhonda reindeer:

...totally different from Rudolph and Clarice!

I've been wanting Clarice and Rudolph since Dan's mom got them from Build-A-Bear a few years ago, but they were $50 each. So when I stumbled across them in Safeway for two for less than the price of one Build-A-Bear version, I went into MUST HAVE mode. If you can't tell, Rudolph's nose even lights up!

Can it be Christmas yet? Please??

PS: If while reading this you thought "Clarice? Who in tarnation is Clarice??" then I feel bad for you because you missed out on an integral part of childhood. Go watch Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Do it. Do it NOW. It's a 1964 stop-motion classic, and I am dying to watch it again. Christmas can't come soon enough!
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Dan bought us tickets to see the premier of Iron Man 2 at midnight at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood. This is supposed to be a fancy-schmancy theater more on the level of play-theater than your average cinema. Our tickets were for the 12:01 am showing in the third row of "The Dome," which had a large screen and great sound. 

We left the apartment just before 10 pm so we would make it to Hollywood with time to spare. I realized about 8 minutes after we left that I had forgotten my camera, but figured that it didn't matter overly-much since we were just seeing a (highly anticipated) movie.

Boy was I wrong. )

And now, bedtime. I have a busy busy weekend ahead of me, but I don't know if I can sleep!!!
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Dan's family does Easter a bit differently. Instead of hiding either real hard boiled eggs or plastic eggs filled with candy, they hide plastic eggs with lotto scratchers in them. The possibility that you'll get money makes the egg hunt fierce and rather amusing for the parents. I ended up with only four eggs out of the twenty four hidden. One ticket won me $25, and another was a winner with $4. Dan, with his 7 eggs, won a free ticket. I had the fewest eggs but won the most. =D Yay, thirty bucks! I decided to hold onto my winnings and do something fun with them.

Dan and I decided that we'd had enough of sitting around the house lately, so on Sunday we headed out to The Block at Orange. We bought tickets for How to Train Your Dragon in 3D at 5:45, which gave us about 2 1/2 hours to wander around the mall and do some shopping. We found a directory and decided to check out the Neiman Marcus and Sacs 5th Avenue outlet stores. Uh, $150 for jeans, sale price? Who in their right mind would ever pay that much for a pair of jeans?? If I pay ten times as much for pants, they'd better be tens times the quality so they last ten times as long!! We ended up walking in and walking right back out again within about three seconds.

So we wandered a bit more, and Dan started to get hungry, so we headed toward the food court. I kind of wanted pizza or pasta because it smelled really good, but there was a lady standing outside a restaurant called Twin Dragons offering samples to people walking by. We foolishly approached her because free food, yay!, and each got a sample of orange chicken. It was absolutely magical. Crispy orange chicken. Yumm. I abandoned my quest for pizza and shared an entree with orange chicken from Twin Dragons with Dan instead.

The Block has one of my favorite clothing stores, H&M, but sadly, they were just putting it in and it won't be open until next month, so we had to bypass it for now. They did, however, have a G by Guess that I checked out. G had quite a few cute items that I would have loved to get, but that I'd never be able to wear given my current job. The clothes were much too nice to wear around dogs and bleach water for 8 hours at a time. It was rather disappointing, but then I found the clearance rack. One of the first things I saw was a gorgeous royal blue short trench coat with a high belt and silver buttons. The best part? It was $35, knocked down from $90. Score! I bought it. I probably won't be able to wear it until autumn comes around again (unless the current weather pattern holds -- it rained last night and this morning), but I'll be stylin' and ready when it does! What I got a kick out of most is it's called "Wild Thing Trench" on the receipt. After that, I found a store called EpiloguE that looked pretty neat, but it was almost showtime and I had limited funds, so I mentally bookmarked it to visit later.

We walked into the theatre, got some popcorn and soda (yay, coupon), and found seats for the show. We like to sit so the screen takes up nearly all of our visual fields, which means we usually end up sitting pretty darn close so there's normally no one directly in front of us. That works out great for me since I'm fairly short (roughly 5'2") and I invariably get a head blocking a big chunk of my vision if someone sits in front of me. Oh em geeee. How to Train Your Dragon is SO. CUTE. I loved it. I didn't think I would because the dragons didn't do it for me, but their mannerisms more than made up for their less than attractive features. It was a great story and it actually made me laugh out loud for reals. I have a few issues with it, but they're nit picky and really not important to the story at all. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend that you do in theaters. GO SEE IT. I'll probably see it again when it comes out in the dollar theatre, and I'll likely by the movie when it's released on DVD. GO SEE IT, NOW!!

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Dan came over late Friday night to sleep with me (late because I'd been preparing a few things last-minute). Just after midnight, he gave me a heart-shaped box of Russel Stover chocolates and "officially" gave me the white and pink roses that had been adorning my apartment since Tuesday. We curled up and went to sleep together. It's the best feeling ever to just fall asleep with someone you love and who loves you.

Dan woke up early on Saturday and forebade me to get up until he came to get me. An hour later, he led me out to the livingroom where he gave me a huge three-part heart "I Love You!" balloon. We had a breakfast of yogurt, ham, fresh strawberries, and fresh-from-the-oven blueberry muffins while we watched the first episode of Dollhouse, which was pretty awesome. [Jewel, my little calico brat, decided she wanted blueberry muffins too, and ended up stealing a hot one right off the plate. It was hilarious watching her try (and somewhat succeed) to eat the muffin. I tried to get pictures, but of course, she stopped when I came back with my camera. We ended up giving her that muffin, but she never went back to eating it (instead she'd try to steal mine whenever I had one!).] I gave him his first "present" of the day: a Valentine's card and a box of Sweethearts. Then he convinced me to get dressed for the gym for a quick workout because "I'd need it for later." We came home, where I'd left a series of little notes on heart-shaped post-its detailing why I love him. He liked it so much, he had this huge smile on his face and nearly started to cry. We took a hot shower and got dressed then headed out for lunch!

He took me to Zenko, a Korean-run all-you-can-eat sushi bar in Mission Viejo. OMG it was so good. We ordered something like $70-80 worth of sushi and appetizers (when ordered individually), but we only had to pay half that price. We spent a good hour and a half eating sushi and chatting. Afterwards, I gave him a really awesome ring whose band was made in the shape of a bat because he's such a big Batman fan. He thought it was fantastic. =) We headed back to Irvine and went to the dollar theatre (because we're poor) to see Bolt! I'd surprised him with a bag of fresh-made kettle corn from one of the "gypsies" (flea market-type thing) on campus, so we brought that to the theatre to snack on but we were so full of sushi we didn't have a single bite of it! Bolt was a super cute movie that made me laugh and reminded me strongly of Homeward Bound at times.

The we came back to my apartment and watched an episode of Psych that we had missed, but we were both so exhausted that we curled up together and took a nap for nearly two hours while I had tea brewing for both of us. When we finally woke up, I reheated our tea and gave him a box of Russel Stover dark chocolates. Dan treated us to frozen yogurt at Yogurtland for dessert, which we ate while watching Buffy curled up together on my bed. We didn't have any dinner that night because we were both still pretty full from all that sushi earlier, but the yogurt was great =)

Right before going to sleep at midnight, I gave him a ring to replace the one I'd given him for our first anniversary (almost 2 1/2 years ago) that had gotten beat up and scratched. He LOVED it. [It's a little small, so I need to trade it for one that's a half-size (or maybe a full-size?) bigger. He's a size 7, which is what I ordered, but either the ring fits small or it's just not big enough for his knuckles. He could get the ring on okay, but he had to use lotion to get the darn thing off his finger. Pros: he can't lose it now! bwahaha! Cons: he can't take it off when he needs to (showering, etc).] Then, we went to sleep together, and it was perfect. 
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*WANT* Oh man, I can't wait for this to come out! I love superhero movies, and I've always been a fan of Wolverine.


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