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Dan apparently bought something for me awhile ago.  Like, at least a month ago? He told me he was expecting something for me from Fedex, but that it hadn't shipped yet. On Tuesday night, Dan got an email with the tracking information, but nothing about where it was coming from. Fedex dropped off an envelope package addressed to Dan today, and I was so excited because yay it was finally here! I texted Dan: "Package is here! Open open open! Get home so I can open it!" ...but it's not for me. It's 49ers tickets for his dad. Dan sent me the tracking number for my package so I could see where it was.

According to the Fedex tracking site, the package was picked up from Pleasanton yesterday... and arrived in Oakland last night. Pleasanton is 45 minutes from my house. Oakland? Oakland is 70 minutes away. Good planning there, Fedex.
That's not even the good part: It left Oakland this morning... and arrived in Memphis, TENNESSEE, five hours later.


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What's wrong with this picture?

I live in Southern California. Huntington Beach, in fact, on the coast less than an hour south of LA. I can smell the ocean from my bedroom. We had a TORNADO in Huntington Beach. Specifically, in north Huntington Harbor, which is no more than 2 miles away from my apartment.

I didn't see it, I didn't even KNOW at the time that there really was a tornado out here. I got a ZotAlert text message (UCI texts its students if there is a crime on campus or something else we should be aware of) at 1:29 pm saying: "Tornado warning. Tornado will be 6 miles NW of Irvine by 130 PM. Stay indoors." I got a second text at 1:52 pm stating "Tornado warning is cancelled." Tornadoes are extremely rare out here -- the last one that we had was in May of 2008, and that was out in Riverside. I'd never heard of a tornado down here before the Riverside one.

This tornado ended up flipping a few cars and boats and shredded the roof of one house. Besides that, there was very little damage, thankfully. Besides the Huntington Harbor twister, we had several water spouts (essentially a water tornado) in Orange County and another tornado in Costa Mesa -- on the exact opposite side of Huntington Beach.

Crazy days, huh?
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This is getting ridiculous. Persilla Queen of the Desert (aka Pauline) has decided that it is quite all right to lock me out of the room any time she chooses so that she can have sex. This has happened at least five times in the last week.

On Sunday, I got up somewhat early (8-9 am) and went into the living room so I wouldn't bother her or her boyfriend who were still asleep in the bedroom. They woke up soon after that and locked the door and started having sex while I was in the living room. I wasn't even dressed for the day yet. I had to go knock on the door to be allowed into my own room so I could get my clothes and leave. Well, I left the door open because I would be going in and out for a bit while getting prepared for the day. I walked in through the OPEN bedroom door and walked right in on her going down on him. Fortunately, the blanket was strategically placed so I didn't see much of him, but I got an eyeful of her fat ass. Seriously?? The door was OPEN, dipshit!

After coming home from the gym today, the bedroom door was wide open. Turns out, they were napping. Fine, whatever. But now, I'm locked out of my room AGAIN while they have sex AGAIN. Once or twice is fine. But nearly every day? Enough is enough. I get that this is a relatively new relationship, but still. Some basic courtesy would be appreciated: a) don't lock me out of the room that we share while I'm home, b) don't have sex on my furniture (which I know they've done at least 2 or 3 times), and c) don't have sex while I'm home!! My sex life has suffered because I follow all three of this guidelines. I hate that it has, but I value some semblance of peace in the apartment. I really want to start violating all of these "guidelines" all the time, just to show her how rude it is.

What would you do if you were in the same situation, flist?

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About two hours ago Pauline texted me, saying "hey can i please borrow your car today to go to work?" I stared at the message for a minute in complete WTF disbelief. This is Pauline, the roommate who never ever talks to me, who takes my stuff without asking, WHO TOTALLED HER CAR AFTER HAVING IT FOR THREE MONTHS, BY HERSELF. Yes, she managed to total her own car because she got a text message. No one else was involved in the accident at all. And she wants to borrow my car. HA, not on your life. My car > your job. It took me a few minutes to figure out exactly what to say, but I ended up sending "my insurance only covers me, so I can't let others drive my car, just in case something happens. I would give you a ride, but I'm not really home until this evening, sorry :(" Now I know she's thinking, "But... but... you let Dan drive your car! and Nicole!" a) Dan is my boyfriend, I have a good relationship with him, and I trust him to be careful with my car, b) I've known Nicole longer, we actually talk, and she only drove it like 2 miles each way. Oh, and she's NEVER TOTALLED A CAR. Pauline and I hardly ever say a word to each other. And she wanted to borrow my car. And now I'm home for my lunch break, and so is Pauline must be thinking, "But you said you weren't going to be home until tonight!" Uh yeah I have one hour between classes to come home, eat lunch, and get back to campus for my next class, and I won't be back again until after 6pm. That leaves no time to drive, what, 20 minutes each way to drop you off at work? Do everyone a favor and figure out the bus schedule. 
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Okay, so. I got a call from my doctor yesterday while I was in class, so obviously I couldn't answer it. The message left on my voicemail  only said "Call us back!" So I did. The reason for their call? "You cultures came back positive." Holy crap, what??!? "Uh, okay. What for?" "A yeast infection." A) DON'T DO THAT you scared the crap out of me. Would it have been that hard to add "for a yeast infection" to that sentence? B) I don't have any symptoms, why prescribe antibiotics when it's so minor it will likely resolve itself?
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I am officially disowning my boyfriend. HE DOESN'T KNOW WHO DAKOTA FANNING IS. What will I do with him?? Anyone want a free boyfriend? (or, as he puts it, "negative-free -- I give you stuff!")


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