Jun. 2nd, 2010 04:29 pm
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He aced the interview and pop quiz, and they want him to start in three weeks. He'll be working in a lab looking mainly at RNA secondary structures. Guys, I get to move home!*

*Well, from SoCal to NorCal, but still! I'm so excited!!!

New news!

Sep. 18th, 2009 10:24 am
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Guess what I got in the mail yesterday? TWO checks from unemployment! One was for $99 and the other was for $198, so I got $297 total for a three week period! It's actually not much (Dan's mom gets something like $230 every week... grr), but it's way more than the goose egg I was getting without this. I thought I'd only be getting $74 a week if I was ever considered "eligible," but I'm getting $99 per week instead: $74 a week from unemployment plus another $25 per week from Obama's Federal Stimulus Plan thing. AND I got a letter from Berkeley Court with receipts for the work they had to do on my old apartment. Out of the $600 security deposit and the $300 pet deposit, we're getting back $705. That means I get $300 (my cat, my money) plus 1/3 of $405, or $435 total PLUS money that Xiomara and Persilla Queen of the Desert owe me for utilities (and money that Persilla owes me for shorting me on bills last month). That check should hopefully be coming in the mail in a week, maybe less.

I CAN PAY OCTOBER'S RENT. And pay bills. And buy actual groceries. And maybe get replacement RAM for my computer. Yay! \o/

In celebration, I am making frozen yogurt. I'm going to get some fresh fruit or maybe some frozen berries (or both!) and have me some DELICIOUS fruity/berry-y froyo tonight!

I might get a job in a week or two, I'll let you know if it pans out.

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I don't think Pauline (a roomie) understands power bills. She gets cold sitting next to a window in a t-shirt, so what does she do? She turns on the heater. And leaves it on for an hour. And turns it back on when I turn it off. !! Get a freakin sweater if you're so cold. Sweater = first resort, not last. I only turn on the heater after I've been bundled up for at least a half hour, or if it's just ridiculous (around 60 degrees would qualify; the lowest it's been so far is 68). I'm sitting here, nice and toasty, getting HOT, with just a light sweater on. I'm not made out of money! The heater does NOT need to be on.  

Also about Pauline: She got a job (yay!) at Wells Fargo. All this week and most of next week she has training from 8 am to 5 pm way over in Santa Ana, which is about 17 minutes away by car or over an hour's bus ride. She somehow missed her five alarms this morning, so she was going to be late to training. So, she decided to wake me up before 7 am to ask me for a ride. This was after she kept me awake for a while last night because she decided it would be a *fantastic idea* to bring her laptop into the bedroom right after I'd gone to bed sometime after midnight. So, my response? "umph, tired, zzzz" (translation: "STFU bitch, imma sleep"). Seriously. Learn to be responsible for your own self, then maybe your mom will let you get your driver's permit (she just turned 18 in October). I don't think she's talking to me anymore because she was late and it's all my fault. Boo hoo.
In other news, Jewel is being a bugger. She keeps investigating the Christmas tree, laying under it, peaking up through the branches, and batting at the ornaments. This morning, she swatted off five ornaments in three minutes.
I think she's decided that the tree is her own personal toy dispenser. I came home from lab today to find that she napped the whole time I was gone, and all the ornaments were on the tree. Guess what she was up to within ten minutes of me getting back? Knocking off ornaments and batting them all around the living room. Brat. I love her so much. *hugs kitty*

Bonus points to whoever can identify the source of my icon quote. NO CHEATING. 

Edit: She actually IS wearing a light sweater (I think she put it on after turning the heater on), and it's already 72 degrees in here.
Edit the second: The reason why Pauline "couldn't get up" this morning: she was chatting with a friend online until the wee hours in the morning. She's talking to said person on the phone right now, and her conversation just got really vague and awkward, saying things like "OMG I have to talk to you about something... later." If this is about me being a "bad roommate"... It's not my responsibility to get her up, or make sure she gets to bed at a reasonable hour, OR to drive her to work because she couldn't do either. 
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So! I may have a job. If all works out, I will be returning to LARC (Learning and Academic Resource Center) to tutor for Drugs and the Brain, a neurobiology/biopsychology course. Wheeee I love this professor! Of the ten quarters I've been at UCI, I've spent seven of them in her classes, either taking them or tutoring. I really, really miss tutoring ad hey! it's good money. Hopefully this will all work out!!
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I want to be free of my parents, and that means being financially independent. Over the last week or so, I've been trying to hammer out a plan for reaching this goal by the end of 2009, ideally sooner. I just don't want them to have leverage over me anymore. In the past, they have threatened not to pay for my college education if I did anything as insignificant as getting another piercing or a tattoo (even a small one!). Here's the kicker -- I hadn't even mentioned anything about wanting more piercings or a tattoo! Two of my friends were getting tattoos, so they threatened me before I even said anything about maybe wanting one. It's stupid stuff like that. I want to be able to speak my mind on important issues (like last week's Prop 8 mess) and not be afraid of them pulling a stunt like that. I am essentially a good, obedient, respectful daughter (get good grades, graduating this spring, don't do drugs or get in trouble...), and it kills me when they try to control me like that. I love my parents, but they need to let me make my own choices, my own mistakes. That, and I'm 21; I really ought to be on the road to financial independence anyway, yes?

Some things that I will need to be able to pay for myself:
Apartment : ~$1500/month
Healthcare: ?? 
Auto insurance: ~$600 every six months
Groceries: ~$100/month
Utilities: ~$200/month give or take
Am I missing anything else?

Of course, roommates will make the financial burden much easier by cutting the cost in half or even in thirds. Hopefully, whatever job I manage to land once I've graduated and moved back up north will provide me with health insurance after a few months. 

And then I can get my small tattoo or belly button piercing... which one to get first?


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