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My finger doesn't want to work.

...okay, have the story )

On the plus side, I've discovered that I have a titanium stomach. Augmentin commonly causes GI upset, vomiting and diarrhea. I have not had a single symptom. Kat (one of the techs) even compared me to a Labrador -- they'll eat anything and everything and not have a problem. I am ridiculously proud of my stomach.
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It started yesterday. I had a superficial pain in my chest, just to the left of center. It would throb a bit, disappear, then come back a few minutes later. That's how it was all day, gradually becoming more and more constant at the day wore on. I made beef and barley soup (which turned out to be barley soup with a few chunks of beef and other stuff... oops) for dinner, but I couldn't eat it. It hurt to swallow anything even the slightest but chunky. It wasn't like strep throat pain either -- I've had that a few times so I know how it feels. No, this was the same pain you get when something is lodged in your throat, except it's in my chest. I also feel it in my spine directly opposite the feeling in my chest, but not in between. My breathing is entirely unaffected. My temperature is either normal or below normal (thermometer says 97.2 F), so I apparently don't have an infection. I had a headache yesterday, but that's not unusual. A heating pad on my spine seemed to help last night, but it doesn't feel like it's helping now. This morning I feel a bit shaky and a little queasy, but that could easily be due to not eating nearly enough last night.

Jewel has been shadowing me for the last two days. She normally goes off on her own to sunbathe and nap, but she's been unusually persistent with her attentions. She follows me around wherever I go in the apartment -- she usually does this to some degree, but it's like she doesn't want to let me out of her sight right now. She snuggled with me all night. I woke up with her curled up near my belly, when she normally puts herself by my feet. Currently, she is napping on my computer (yay for warm air vents?) instead of her preferred position in the sun on the rug in my bedroom. Seriously, she'll wait for the sun to come out everyday, but not today. She's usually not on my computer until the evening, when the sun is no longer shining onto a napping place.


Feb. 23rd, 2009 08:44 am
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My cat is stealing my blueberry muffin wrapper. She also likes to steal french bread, sourdough bread, and concha frosting from me. She'll also stare at me and beg if I have any type of fish, especially if it's tuna or sushi. Though it's funny, because she LOVES fish, but she won't take it until I give it to her. Hmm...

My left arm has been aching halfway between my shoulder and my elbow. This is the second straight day with no relief. It feels like it's either a very deep muscle ache or maybe the bone, it's that deep. Yesterday it only hurt when I moved my arm, but today it's pretty constant. Also, my shoulder feels tighter than normal, it doesn't move as easily. Aleve didn't help yesterday, and two Ibuprofen haven't helped today. Stupid bursitis. I'm just trying to ignore it for now and go on with my day normally. Maybe it will go away; it always does, though it's only ever lasted a few minutes to hours before, nowhere near a full day or more. *ignore*
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I almost killed my thumb last night. I was putting the footrest on the recliner down, and my finger caught on a support strut and bent the nail backwards 90 degrees back where the skin and nail are attached. Oooowww. I didn't break, but OW. It felt like someone tried to pull my nail off. It still hurts =(


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