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I live on the second floor of my apartment complex. A woman lives in the apartment below mine with her young kid, maybe two or three years old. I don't know of anyone else there. Anyway, the point is, this kid cries a ton. He cries an abnormally large amount. The last two nights, I could hear him crying through the window. He's also been wailing pretty much nonstop for the last thirty minutes or so. I have no idea what's going on or why this kid is crying so much. You know how there's a difference between when a kid cries because he's upset (like you just took away his favorite toy) and when a kid cries because he's injured? He just sounds upset. All the time. For no reason that I can discern.

Is it "normal" for a kid to cry this much, or should I be worried? Should I do something about it? I'd hate to just ignore it if someone is beating on the kid, but I never hear anything except for him.

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I finally messaged my ex-roommates about the security deposit. I've been sitting on it for some time now, and I really need to get it taken care of. I know I copped out by messaging them on Facebook, but I abhor interacting with Pauline. Hopefully we'll get this over with without a *fuss by Tuesday, if not earlier.

*I'm afraid one or the other will cry foul because they're getting so little of the deposit back. Of the $900 initial deposit ($600 security and $300 pet deposit), we got $705 back. None was taken out of the pet deposit, so I get the full $300 back. That leaves $405 to be split between the three of us. I had to pay a bunch of bills for that apartment for which I've seen no money from them, so that deducts $55 each from their shares. That leaves each of them with about $80, and me with just over $545. I really should charge them for the 1 1/2 hours that Dan and I spent cleaning out the apartment after they moved out -- they didn't clean anything at all and they left a staggering amount of food behind. They didn't even take out the bag of trash! They just left it sitting in the kitchen. Dan and I cleaned out all the cabinets of the food and other miscellaneous items left behind, took out the trash, vacuumed the whole apartment, and wiped down all the surfaces. Really, I should fine them each $50 for my time (leaving them with $30 each and me with $645, for those of you keeping score at home), but I think that would just cause more problems, so it doesn't exactly feel like it would be worth it. I really could use the extra $100, though.

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The bed's all set up! I scored a free standard metal bedframe from Freecycle. The guy was really nice and friendly. He just handed me the frame, still in the box, for free. No cash payment, no trade, nada. It felt... really good, actually. Dan and I took apart the old twin  and put together the new-ish bed yesterday afternoon. It's so nice to finally have a bed that we both fit comfortably on. We figured out that we can fir four of us (two Dans and two of me) side-by-side on the queen and still be less cramped than just the two of us on the twin. Win. I would still like a nice bedframe at some point, but that will come when it comes. I'm just happy to have the bed set up right now.

Up until yesterday, the queen mattress was chillin' in the middle of our living room. At first, Jewel refused to touch it. She preferred to cautiously skirt the mattress in the tiny aisle left on the floor, or to squeeze past it behind the couch. When I played with her with the laser pointer, she would chase it only to skid to a stop the moment she'd have to run across the mattress. I had to bribe her with treats to get her to "willingly" step on it. Even though there was plenty of room on it the few nights we slept on it on the living room floor, Jewel wouldn't join us. She snubbed us to sleep on the back of the couch. But pretty much the moment we got the bed set up and made, she was napping on it in the sun. Go figure. Silly girl.

Anyhow, now all we have left is to do something with the old twin bed which is now scattered throughout the apartment. The boxspring is propped up against a bedroom wall, the mattress is squeezed into the walk-in closet, and the little frame is currently leaning against the recliner in the livingroom for some reason. We need to get it out of here! I would like to pass it on for free, considering that I just got this new one free of charge, but I really need the money. Stupid unemployment. So, I'll probably put it up for sale on craigslist, and if it doesn't go within a week there, I'll post it on Freecycle.

I wish money wasn't a problem.

I need a haircut.

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I rearranged the furniture in my living room for a fourth time since moving in last night. That's right, four times. It's pretty much back to how it was originally. I'm much happier with this set up than any of the others I've tried so far. I think I'll stick with this.

I swear, this apartment has the hardest walls EVAR. Push-pins and thumbtacks just don't work. I tried to hang my calendar with one, and the tack bent rather than go into the wall. Last night, I was hanging a tapestry type thing in the bedroom, and I had to use a nail to make a guide hole then use my power drill on the highest setting to get the darn screw in the wall. Seriously! Fortunately, that was the only thing that has to be screwed in, unless I decided to hang my curtains in the bedroom. Oh decorating decisions, how I love thee. I think I'll feel a lot better about this apartment once I get it decorated. Bare walls make it feel so blah and depressing.

I scored a free queen size mattress set today. I drove Dan to work in Irvine, and parked in a close spot when I got home because I felt like it. I got out of my can and voila! Mattress! Dan and I have been wanting a larger mattress for some time now, but we just haven't had the money to buy a new or used one, and it's very rare for someone to post a free large mattress on Craigslist. Two people on a single twin mattress every night actually doesn't work so great. We know; we've tried for years. I kept an eye on it for awhile, but nobody else came near it except to wonder why it was there or to get in their cars. Claudian, one of the managers here came to check it out with a lady, but they weren't interested in it. I said I was, and Claudian told me to "go for it" -- it would save him the trouble of moving it to the dumpster. Then he walked away. Didn't even offer to help me, a tiny 5'1", 120 pound girl, move it to my apartment. Chivalry is dead. I grabbed one of the two boxsprings and toted it upstairs to my apartment, then I got the other one. I went back down for the mattress, but that thing is huge. And heavy. Very heavy. I tried "rolling" it. No dice. I tried lifting it and balancing it on my head to carry, which is what I would do for a twin mattress. No way was that working. My arms couldn't touch both sides at the same time. I found some cheap homemade dolley-thing half hidden in the bushes at the base of the stairs, so I thought maybe I could at least move it over to the stairs and worry about getting it up them later. Just getting it on the dolley was an adventure. I figured I could get the bottom side on the dolley, then push the dolley towards the wall that the mattress was propped against to make the mattress fall the rest of the way on. Nope. Once on, the mattress tried to push the dolley the other way. I had to half stand on the dolley and stretch and heave as hard as I could to get the mattress on. But of course, the mattress ended up laying flat on the dolley instead of resting against the handle. Great. Whatever. As I was pushing the dolley towards the stairs, the same lady who was looking at the mattress with Claudian earlier was going out to the car. She saw me struggling with the massive thing and offered to help me get it upstairs to my apartment. Yay! She grabbed one end and I the other, and together we managed to negotiate the stairs and walkways to my apartment. I now have two box springs sitting in my bedroom and a great big queen mattress chillin' in the middle of my living room floor. I've decided that we're going to test this sucker out before we go to the trouble of setting it up, only to find out that it's super uncomfortable or lumpy or weird smelling.

(I just checked Craigslist, and someone posted an ad for a free queen mattress in this area. I suspect it's the same one.)

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So, update.

Dan and I have been in the New Place for about two and a half weeks now. We're still not entirely unpacked and organized. I've been organizing and reorganizing things for the last two weeks trying to figure out what will work out best for everything. We've also been going through our stuff so we can get rid of some of it because we just have too much for this place. We have not yet gotten around to setting up all of our (read: my) decorations, so it looks a bit bare in here. Once we get it all up, it should be much more comfy cozy here. It's starting to feel like home.

That said, I must express some Disappointment. Apparently this place is about fifty years old, so there is no central air. There is no dish washer, so all of our dishes have to be done by hand for the next year or so. There's no microwave, either. We were going to buy one from Fry's the Monday after out move, but they didn't have that particular model in stock. Now, we have no monies. Figures. We've had to do all our reheating and microwave cooking either on the stove or in our toaster oven. It's really odd not having a microwave =/ This apartment also didn't come with a refrigerator, which I didn't find out about until after I'd turned in our applications to rent. Crap. I was all set to buy one from this guy for $100, then I couldn't reach him. When I finally got a hold of him two days before our move, I found out Hey! He sold it to his brother. Shit. Dan's parents bought us one on our move in day. Dan and his dad got it all the way upstairs and in the kitchen only to find out, whoops, it doesn't fit. They had to remove a strip of wood from the cabinet to make it fit, and even then it's only just.

OMG GUYS I HAVE TO TELL YOU HOW GOOD IT FEELS TO BE FREE OF ROOMMATES!! Seriously, even with unemployment* looming over my head everyday, I feel so much better now that that particular bucketload of stress is off my back. Ahaha, I'm freeeeeeeee!

*post to come soon-ish.


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