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*sigh* So, he responded to the email.  He obviously was not swayed one bit, and he accused me of being "uncivil and judgmental." I admit that I may have been a teeny bit rude, and I definitely scolded him like a child (which, given his maturity level...). He also completely twisted some of the things that I said ("if you wish to be at war" when I definitively said that I didn't) It's just... gah, you should read it:

The absurdity. It pains me. )

a) Did he seriously compare gay marriage to illegal drugs and porn?
b) I did not accuse him of supporting miscegenation laws, I correlated them to the ban on gay marriage
c) The 14th Amendment's equal protection clause. You said it yourself.
d) How is the Brown v. Board of Education decision different from the California Supreme Court decision?
e) Yay! You finally admitted that it's not just a "living arrangment"
f) Did you even read my email? I said that "we love you" and it's your vote that we don't agree with; I never said you were bad people, and my email wasn't angry. I could have given you pissed the fuck off, but I didn't.
g) Soooo everyone has to all follow your stupid conscience, but you don't have to think about how you impact people? If that were true, we would still have the miscegenation laws, and probably still have slavery. 
h) You have most definitely not been civil "about this whole thing." You told your eldest daughter that she is not worthy to marry the woman that she loves, and you have told all three of us to stfu. You twised my words and accused me of things that I didn't say. You told Kelly that she was responsible for "ripping the family apart" because she "incited Nick" to be rude to you and to hurt your precious feelings.
i) Grow up and develop a real conscience. You won't even respond to Kelly's email about her health, which has absolutely nothing to do with the current argument.

And Mother? At least say something about this. Avoiding it won't make it go away.
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After making a few revisions, I sent the email to my parents. All the parts in brackets were deleted, and some things were added or re-worded. I tried to keep it as non-inflammatory as possible, but they will probably still find reason to get upset, especially my father.

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I finally wrote back to my parents concerning their decision to vote "yes" on Prop 8. I meant to keep it short, but I ended up writing a term paper (okay, not quite). I decided not to try to talk them into believing that they believe the wrong thing because they will never budge on that issue. Instead, I'm trying to convince them that they did the wrong thing by you, K. Regions in brackets are parts that I probably won't end up sending because they have the potential to be incendiary.

Dear Parents )
Edit: This last bracket was left out unintentionally. Again, bracketed regions are things that I would like to say, but I won't send because it  they will only make matters worse. It was fun to write, especially the last part.
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Since Tuesday, my family has exploded. My sister, who is bi, found out that my parents voted yes on prop 8 and told me and my brother. The three of us are furious that they would vote to ban a right that should be assumed for our sister.

Short version: K (my sister) emailed them, saying that she was very hurt by their decision but still loves and respects them. Her email was calm and composed throughout. My father emailed back saying he loves and respects her, too, but he believes marriage to be between a man and a woman. K passed his email on to me and N (the brother) so that we could see for ourselves what his view on this subject is because we have a right to know how he feels as it could potentially affect us as well. That is when the shit hit the fan. N responded to dad, dad accused N and K of "ripping the family apart," N told him off because he's being an asshole, mom tried to call N and me, N hung up on her and I refused to answer. Father told us all off because we're not "respecting" him (K is 23, N is 19 and I am 21) and said, "This discussion is over." Who are you to tell your three adult children when to drop something? You hurt our sister, and you WILL hear us out, whether you want to or not. You created this mess, now deal with it. 


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