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Dan bought us tickets to see the premier of Iron Man 2 at midnight at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood. This is supposed to be a fancy-schmancy theater more on the level of play-theater than your average cinema. Our tickets were for the 12:01 am showing in the third row of "The Dome," which had a large screen and great sound. 

We left the apartment just before 10 pm so we would make it to Hollywood with time to spare. I realized about 8 minutes after we left that I had forgotten my camera, but figured that it didn't matter overly-much since we were just seeing a (highly anticipated) movie.

Boy was I wrong. )

And now, bedtime. I have a busy busy weekend ahead of me, but I don't know if I can sleep!!!
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I feel like a little turd for not mentioning this earlier, but...

WE WERE ON SCHOOLWIDE ALERT LAST WEDNESDAY BECAUSE SOMEONE SAW SOME GUY WALKING TOWARDS CAMPUS DRESSED IN CAMOFLAGE CARRYING A RIFLE. WUT. I was hyper-vigilant for the next two hours because we had no idea who this guy was or what he was going to do. I really wanted to go home, but I couldn't because I was tutoring while all this went down. A tutee came in to my last session late and said that she had been in the Student Center, which was on lockdown, when all this happened. Apparently, the cops found a guy dressed in camo hanging out in the food court. He was LOCKED IN with them. Scary.

5/20 1:59 pm: "At 1:26pm today, it was reported that a suspicious individual carrying a possible rifle was seen walking South from Mesa Drive toward the campus. Subject was described as a white male, 6 feet tall, 180 lbs, with blond hair and wearing a beige camoflauge outfit and desert type boots. Call 911 immediately if subject is seen."

5/20 3:26 pm: "Officers are investigating an individual matching the description of the subject in the previous text message. Please be aware of your surroundings and immediately contact the UCI Police Department at 911 if you have urgent information regarding this incident."

5/20 10:04pm: "Today, an individual walking on campus in camouflage attire, carrying what appeared to be a rifle, was reported to campus police. A UCI Police Department investigation has now determined that the individual, who has been identified and interviewed, was carrying an airsoft-type imitation rifle. UCIPD acted immediately to ensure the safety of the campus, assisted by officers from the Irvine and Newport Beach Police Departments. Initially, another individual in camouflage attire was identified and questioned, but proved to be uninvolved. The ZotAlerts to the campus provided police critical information that helped resolve the incident. We understand this may have caused some disruption. We appreciate your concern. Your cooperation was invaluable in resolving this situation quickly and effectively.
Thank you. 
Chancellor Michael Drake"

UCI has an opt-in  "ZotAlert" system which allows the school to send text messages notifying and updating us regarding any danger on or around campus. The first two messages above were ZotAlert texts, the last was an email later that night. I'm just really glad and relieved that it turned out to be nothing.

(Okay, so apparently it was two weeks ago. I feel like a bigger turd now =P )
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ZOMG I'LL BE A COLLEGE GRADUATE IN ONE MONTH. This time next month, I will have already walked across the stage, gotten my diploma, and celebrated with my family. Ah, it's so exciting and scary! Exciting because I'll finally be done with UCI and I'll have a chance to be an ~adult for about a year before I go back to being a student, scary because holy crap real world. I have a ridiculous amount of stuff to get done before the end of the summer. I need to study for and take the GRE (thankfully, no subject tests required!); work with a vet for 180+ hours; get letters of recommendation from the zoo, said veterinarian, and a professor; fill out vet school applications; write a personal statement... am I forgetting anything?

Oh and GOOD NEWS: I definitely have a job with LARC this summer, and because I'll be a college graduate, I'll be an ~*~advanced~*~ tutor instead of a measly peer tutor, I get paid more.  I'm tutoring N110 (neurobiology) again during Summer Session I, and Bio 37 (Brain Dysfunction) for Professor Anson (whom I heart) during SSII!!! So, I'll be doing the same work I do now for more hours every week, AND for more pay!! The only drawback I see is it cuts into time I can spend with a veterinarian, but I'll just have to work it out so I can tutor and spend as much time as possible with a vet. 

Relationship-wise: Things between Dan and I have been AMAZING. I honestly can't wait to see him when we are separated by class (is that weird?), just seeing him and hugging him is enought make me happy. He's so supportive and loving; I'm a lucky gal to have him. At any rate, we are thinking about getting an apartment in Huntington Beach when our leases here are up at the end of August. EXCITING, but I feel ambivalent about it. I love him to itty bitty pieces, but I've always felt that I don't want us to live together until we get married because it will be more... special? that way. Even though we practically live together right now anyway (he's at my house nearly every night, but all of his stuff is at his apartment). Moving in together is a huge step, nearly as big as getting hitched. I'd just like the two big events to coincide, ya' know? Alternatively, we could get a two-bedroom apartment, with me in one bedroom and him and a roommate in the other. That way, we're living together but not really? Oh rationalizations, how I love thee. 


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