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Mom and Dad disappeared for hours today. When they came back, they had a brand new 2010 Honda Civic.

They gave me (or, more accurately, are letting me use) Mom's 2001 Acura. This is three days after I talked to Dad about using the settlement money from my car to buy a used ~2009 Kia, and he approved of the plan.

Their reasoning? "But you wanted the Acura!"

Yeah, until I had to start driving it again and discovered how grossly inefficient it is. Before I had the chance to upgrade to a newer, nicer, and still gas-efficient car -- one that had better than an average 22 mpg. My Honda made on average 33 mpg. Now I'm stuck with this car that really just makes me feel gross.

I understand why they thought this would be okay -- they own my 2001 Civic, not me, and I've been making noises for ages about getting one of the two Acuras. But seriously. My car got totaled. I fought to get a higher settlement than was offered. I just talked to Dad about getting a Kia with the settlement money. Then they turned around and did this.

I feel cheated. I was the one in a car crash. I was the one who lost a car. I was the one who managed to get over $700 more compared to the original settlement. They didn't do anything. They already had four cars -- four cars between the two of them -- in perfect condition. But Mom wanted a new car, and she is the one who gets what she wants.

Oh, and the kicker? They're always complaining about how oh-so-broke they are. They just bought a car for over $17,000. My settlement was $8000. They now owe ~$9000 in car payments. They just bought the Pilot last year and are still paying it off. And they're still working on payments for the Corvette that was bought ~2 years before that. If I'd gotten a used Kia, I could have bought one for ~$10,000, and owed only ~$2000 on it by using the settlement as a down payment.

But no. They went behind my back and did this.

I really honestly expected Mom to get a new car this weekend. I thought they would trade one of the Acuras in to get it. I didn't even consider that they would pull this BS, at least not without first talking to me about it. Even if they settlement isn't actually my money, I feel that they owed me that courtesy if nothing else.
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The holiday season is creeping up on me, and I still don't have a job. In my family, we make Christmas easier on "the kids" (me and my siblings, plus Geena and Dan this year) but doing a Secret Santa type thing. We draw names from a hat and set a price range for the presents. So, instead of having to buy four presents at $20 each, we only have to worry about one gift for $10-15 dollars. This method usually saves each of us about $70 that we either don't have or can't afford to spend: Kelly, Geena, Dan and I have to worry about rent/food/bills (and Kelly and I are unemployed), Nick is a poor college student with limited income, and Matt is a lazy high schooler who's never had a job. I think I'll make fudge or cookies or candy for my extended family.

On top of Christmas in December, my mom's birthday is coming up soon (the 17th, I believe), my 4th anniversary with Dan is at the end of the month (the 28th), Kelly's birthday is on December 8th, Grandpa's is December 15th, and Dan's is December 22nd! Oh, and I already missed my parent's 26th(?) Anniversary on October 15th. Even with Secret Santa limiting the number of presents, that's still a lot of shopping.

Dan apparently read my mind and just texted me with: "Spend whatever you'd like on presents. I'm getting 3 pay checks this month. Don't worry about rent."

D'AAAWWWWW He is just too sweet. Either that or he really wants presents!

Question for Kelly: Do you think Mom and Dad would like a scrapbook made by me of their anniversary trip?

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I met with Pauline on Monday to get the security deposit check signed so I could deposit it and distribute the money between the three of us. She said 1:45pm at the Wells Fargo on campus. I got there a bit early to take care of another check, then I sat down to wait. And wait. And wait. She finally walked in at almost 2pm, fifteen minutes late. For what, she was already on campus! I had to drive twenty minutes and search for an illusive parking spot in the parking garage, and I was still early. Grr. Anyhow, she got there, I went through the charges briefly while shaking like a freaking leaf because I hate her and can't deal with her and she's a colossal bitch. She said "okay," signed the check, then I went to get her portion of the money. Done.

On the way home, I got a text message stating: "I just looked at my old checkbook and it looks like I gave you 300 for the deposit because the very first check I wrote you in august was for 806.67. Please Verify this and let me know if you get different numbers." Gorram it. I pulled up my account online and ran a search. She was right. I still owed her $100. Double gorram it.

I called the bank to verify that I would be able to deposit the check as long as all the required signatures were on it. No dice. All parties had to be present at the time of deposit in order for their identities to be verified. That meant I had to cancel on Xiomara and see Pauline again. I thought I was done with her, but no...

We eventually rescheduled for the next day, Tuesday. We were supposed to meet at 3:40pm at the Chase bank at Fashion Island, the mall where Xiomara works. I got there early once again. Xiomara arrived more than ten minutes late, even though she was closest to the bank to begin with. Pauline was the latest, arriving around 4pm. Bitch needs to get a watch.

While waiting for Pauline, I verified Xiomara's initial deposit amount (only $200, yay!) and went over the charges with her. She, for some unknown reason, got very confused and I had to run through it two or three more times before she accepted what I was saying. We all went inside, signed the check, then Xiomara deposited it. Since Xiomara took the full amount, she reimbursed me for the amount that I'd already paid Pauline, gave Pauline the remainder of the amount owed her ($100). Xiomara got $80, and I got the rest, $525. $100 of that amount might belong to my old roommate Nicole. I contacted her about it but have not yet heard from her.

I am really, truly, finally done with these two girls. I'm going to go "defriend" them on Facebook now.  Get out of my life, bitches!


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