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I'm ready to slap Matthew and my mother. Apparently, it's my fault that Matthew's cat didn't get her medication today because I "can't just suddenly stop giving her her meds and expect Matthew to be responsible." Yeah, Mom actually said that. I've been telling him since Day 1 nearly two weeks ago that he needs to be responsible to her medications. That was on the 6th. 11 days later, and he's still leaving it for someone else to do every single morning because he "forgets" or he's "too tired." He only does it in the evening because we hound him to take care of her. We literally have to tell him 5 or 6 times before he does it. It takes 1 minute to give Midnight her medicines, but it turns into a 45 minute long affair because he doesn't take care of it. He's nearly 17 years old, and he can't (or won't) even do this right.

I slept in today until nearly 10am. That's 2 1/2 hours after Matthew left for school. I didn't even think to glance at the medication chart to see if Midnight and Teddy had gotten their morning treatments until after 1pm, and that was when I was busy making myself some lunch. Teddy was done, but Midnight was not. Midnight's supposed to get her meds twice a day, around 8am and 8pm. This was 5 hours past that.

I'm so fed up. When my cat, TJ, was sick and dying, I cared for him round the clock. I gave him baby aspirin and massaged his paralyzed leg. I made sure he was eating. I made sure he was taking care of himself. I stayed with him as much as I could until there was no other choice but to have him put to sleep. Matthew doesn't check to see how Midnight is doing. He doesn't make sure she has her special food. Basically, he doesn't do shit for his cat unless he is yelled at repeatedly.

But somehow, I'm the one being blamed because I "suddenly stopped" giving her her meds without first notifying Matthew. This shouldn't even be an issue. Matthew should automatically assume that it's his responsibility because Midnight is his cat. Especially after I have repeatedly told him that he needs to be responsible for this and not foist it off on me. But no, even after 11 days of saying that, this is still my fault.

Matthew is such a fucking failure. He annoys the hell out of me. I wish he would just grow the fuck up. And Mom? Well she needs to grow a pair of fucking balls start actually being a mother to Matthew instead of this namby-pamby BS she's doing now.

(Dad, by the way, was in the next room. He didn't say anything throughout this whole debacle.)


Nov. 12th, 2010 03:11 pm
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I was involved in a 4-car pileup on 880 south this morning. My car is totaled.

Amazingly, all 5 people in the four cars (me, Dan, and the other 3 drivers) are fine. I'm pretty sure I won't be getting my car back, though.

Essentially what happened is, a truck cut off an SUV (car #1) two cars in front of me. #1 may or may not have hit the truck -- I'm not sure because the truck didn't stop with the rest of us. When #1 slammed on its brakes, car #2 tried to stop, but rear-ended it. Nothing major. I, as car #3, managed to stop without hitting #2. I had 1-2 feet of room between the two bumpers. Just as my car was settling from the sudden stop, I was rear-ended by car #4 and pushed into car #2 ahead of me. That momentum caused Dan and I to hit our heads on the headrests, but it was minor. When cars 1 and 2 started pulling over to the side of the road, my car wouldn't go. Dan had to get out and push my car to the shoulder. #4 followed.

Amazingly, no one was angry or yelling. Everyone was calm and worried about everyone else. The driver of #1 got out and went car-to-car to check for injuries. The worst of it was bumped heads and adrenaline shakiness. Two CHP officers arrived and double-checked on everyone. We decided to file an incident report with the CHP, so the officers gathered the drivers' information and took statements. CHP #2 said it didn't look like I was at fault, since car #2 only showed evidence of a single impact. CHP #1 called a tow for me, since I wasn't about to try to drive my car.

We got the car taken to a body shop, where they agreed it would probably be totaled. My passenger-side hood is caved in, the radiator and god knows what else is shoved back towards the cabin, the muffler is knocked out and dragging on the ground, the floor of the trunk is pushed forward and up (again mostly on the passenger side), and there's probably more damage that we couldn't see just from looking at it. You can tell from the damage that car #4 lifted my car from behind when it rear-ended me. After statements were taken and information collected, the other three cars drove off, and I got a tow to an auto body shop, where it is awaiting judgment. The final verdict should come sometime on Monday.

Good news is, a) no one was injured, and b) it still turns on and can be driven. Bad news is, the damage is so extensive that it will more than likely be declared a total loss.

I'm surprised that I'm not more upset about the accident. Since it happened, I've been more... disappointed and sad than angry. This still majorly sucks, though. =/

I'll miss my car.
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As promised, why I am on hiatus:

A month or so ago, my parents sat all of us "kids" (me; my siblings Kelly, Nick and Matthew; plus Geena and Dan (who was still living here at the time)) down for a talk. Essentially, due to ongoing drama with me eldest sister Cindy, we were all effectively being cut off -- we are expected to pay for our own cell phones, car insurance, gas, etc. They want us to be independent and want to avoid a repeat of Cindy, who uses them as a crutch every time she falls in a hole and never pays them back even though she swears she will. After that announcement, they spoke with me and Nick individually to help us decide what to do with our lives and how, and with Matt to figure out what to do with him (he's still in high school). Kelly and Geena went back to their apartment to talk things over between themselves and come up with a game plan for their future, too.

I'd been weighing my different options all summer. I'm interested in health and I adore neurobiology. I'd considered going into veterinary medicine, psychology, psychiatry, neurology, and going to graduate school to earn a Ph.D. in neurobiology. I've thought about the requirements, the work involved, the approximate time required, and the duties and onerous tasks involved in each line of work. I've decided that studying for an M.D. in neurology is most suited to my interests and abilities.

Since the evening, I have been applying for nearly any neurobiology research laboratory that I could find (currently looking at Stanford, UCSF is up next). I've looked up the requirements for medical school. And I've started studying for the nightmare entrance examination, the MCAT.

So, the MCAT is consuming my life right now and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I plan to take the exam in February. Hopefully I will do well enough the first time so I won't have to take it again. I'm aiming for 13's across the board -- biology, physical sciences (physics and chemistry), and verbal reasoning -- and a good score on the essay portion, too. If I manage to get 13s, I should be able to get into a really good medical school. Like, Stanford-level good. Even if I miss the mark and get all 11's, I should still get into a good school, maybe UCLA?

Aside from all that madness, I need to find doctors that will let me shadow them for a few months. I should find somewhere to volunteer and take part in extracurricular activities that I personally enjoy. I'm thinking dancing, or rock climbing, or a sport like soccer or lacrosse in addition to my photography/art and learning Italian.
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I am sick and tired of hearing about school bullies. There was Michael Brewer (15), the Florida kid who was set on fire over a $40 video game. Chatari Jones (12), the young girl who had a nervous breakdown because she was bullied relentlessly on the school bus -- poked and spit on and viciously made fun of -- because she has cerebral palsy.  The many LGBTQ students across the country bullied because of their sexual orientation -- there have been six highly publicized gay teen suicides in the last few weeks and months: Tyler Clementi (18), Seth Walsh (13), Justin Aaberg (15), Raymond Chase (19), Asher Brown (13), and Billy Lucas (15).

And now,
Tyler Wilson (11), an Ohio boy in the 6th grade, was attacked by two jocks from school because the boys didn't like the fact that he was on a youth cheerleading squad (he likes tumbling). They broke his arm while he walked home from school. On top of that, they're now threatening to break his other arm during the assault because he a) hasn't quit the squad (good for you!) and b) he told on them (again, good for you!). Says Tyler, "It feels horrible that they can't accept me for who I am. It's my choice if I want to be a cheerleader."

This in unacceptable. Where are the parents? The school administrators, the teachers? Why aren't the police involved in many of these incidents? Verbal bullying -- name calling, harassing, etc. -- is not a laughing matter and should not be tolerated. Even worse are the physical assaults resulting in broken bones and, worse, disfigurement or even death. Complaints by too many kids are shrugged off and ignored every day: kids are told to deal with it, to just tell the bully to stop -- as if that will ever help. So the bullies continue bullying and the kids lose hope as the system continues to fail them. Just going to school every day has become a nightmare to so many of our nation's children, and that is not right.

It's time for these bullies to be punished in a court of law, instead of simply being spoken to or given a time out. More parents need to take a stand and show their children that there are people in this world who will fight for them. Micheal Brewer's assailants have been charged with attempted murder. (Micheal
has since recovered from his injuries.) Chatari's dad was so enraged when his daughter admitted that bullying on the bus made her life a living hell that he boarded the bus and threatened the kids involved as well as the bus driver (he's now being charged with disorderly conduct for his actions; no word on the bullies). Tyler Clementi's tormentors are being charged with invasion of privacy after secretly taping and broadcasting a romantic encounter with another man on the internet.  Wilson's mom filed criminal assault charges against the jocks who broke her son's arm, and made a t-shirt that reads: "Yes, my son's a cheerleader; GET OVER IT."

I love that parents of the victims are stepping up to say, "Enough is enough." But that's not enough. Children need to learn that it's wrong to pick on and attack others in the first place. That kind of education is not only the province of the schools, but the home environment as well. Parents of the bullies need to be notified and tell their own children to knock it the hell off, but instead they make excuses and try to protect their children from the consequences of their actions. If the bullies themselves are not taught that their behavior is horribly wrong, how are they supposed to improve? What will happen when they grow up? Today's parents need to take responsibility for their children now. It could save a life tomorrow.

Edit: Have you ever been the victim of bullying? Were you the bully? How did you handle that situation? I would love to hear others' personal experiences with this. I for one was lucky: I escaped middle school with minimal experience being bullied, and that was mostly kids kicking my stupid "rolling backpack" (which was actually luggage since I had to bring so many heavy books to school every day), and that stopped as soon as I reverted to using a normal backpack. I was picked on in high school, but only by one really stupidly annoying girl on my water polo team. I repeatedly told my coach about what was going on, but he didn't do anything to stop it, so I just dealt with it as best as I could (including throwing the ball at her face to vent some of my anger with her) and moved on with my life.


Oct. 4th, 2010 11:28 am
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I am taking a planned LJ hiatus for the foreseeable future. I have a lot on my plate right now, and I can't reliably factor LJ in. I will be making posts and checking back in regularly, but only once or twice a week as my schedule allows. I'll explain the circumstances prompting this later when I have more time.

If anything of note happens that you'd like me to see or comment on, just leave me a link here or at any of my subsequent posts.


Sep. 22nd, 2010 10:43 pm
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I hate my internet connection here. Soooo sloooowww... GRR. Seriously, it's taken ten minutes for me to load Hulu properly and another 2 minutes to get 23 seconds into a 30 second commercial. IDEK.
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This weekend was awesome and awful at the same time. On Friday, we were "warned" via a note in the kitchen that my grandparents might show up on Saturday for Grandma's birthday. So Geena and I cleaned the house - swept the floors, mopped, cleaned the bathroom, straightened up the common areas, everything. We literally gave up our trip to Half Moon Bay together to clean the house. And guess what? My grandparents never showed up that weekend. I am highly annoyed. (More on this later, as it involves much cause for GRR.)

In which I ramble )

That was rather long-winded. Kudos to you if you read it all!

Extra kudos if you recognize where "I prefer "death retardant specialist"" comes from.
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Gabe was in town last week!

I went bowling with Dan last weekend at a place that Gabe and I used to frequent. It was odd being there with a boyfriend who wasn't Gabe. I texted Gabe to tell him that, and he suggested we get coffee soon since he was in the area. We ended up meeting at a new place called Yogurt Village on Wednesday night, so we got froyo (yum, but not as good as YogurtLand) and sat and chatted. Gabe is working on a bunch of original projects and is currently filming his own screenplay called, which he is entering in a bunch of film festivals. If it gets in, and he gets funding, he wants to turn it into a full-length film. Even though he doesn't have any paying gigs right now, he's working in his industry and getting credits for his resume. He's got his shit together, and I'm proud of him for that.

I got cold from eating the froyo and tired of sitting around, so I suggested we go for a walk. We wandered along and ended up at a nearby elementary school where we played around on a playground. We had some good-natured fun before we headed back to Yogurt Village. It was platonic, with only a hint of flirtation. After a good 3 hours together, Gabe had to go home -- he had to drive back down to LA at 4am, so he needed his sleep.

I'm glad I saw him. I enjoy hanging out with him, and I'd like to see him again. Again.


Sep. 17th, 2010 12:34 am
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I was given some shocking and upsetting news tonight. Because of this, I am no longer speaking to my uncle. He will not be invited to any of my celebrations, and I will not go to family functions if he is there. He has been ostracized from our family. This might make things difficult for other people, but I have my reasons and I am sticking to them. I will not go into details here or anywhere else regarding what happened tonight.

Edit: This morning I realized that he's on Facebook. As of now, I've defriended him. I will not be responding to any emails or calls from him. I want nothing more to do with him, ever.


Sep. 15th, 2010 09:46 am
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First and foremost: I FOUND MY LENS. I am so relieved.

It somehow ended up on the floor in my closet hidden with some dirty laundry that I, fortunately, overlooked a few days ago. How horrible would it have been if I'd throw that lens in the washer with my clothes? I don't even want to think about it possibility -- it would have been absolutely destroyed. I'm so happy to have it back in my possession, completely unharmed. Yay!

Dan and I went to a drive-in theatre last night for a double-feature: The American followed by The Other Guys. The first movie, The American, was billed as suspense/thriller/drama. No. There was so little dialogue, script must have been literally 3 pages long. There was barely any action, except at the beginning and the end, and that was mediocre at best. Overall, it was such an extremely slow-paced movie that it had me bored (I ended up watching parts of Machete on the screen next to us, and I don't even like Quentin Tarentino-esque movies all that much). Really, the best parts of the movie were the scenes involving a topless George Clooney working out. The Other Guys was better, though not by a whole helluva lot. It was definitely more entertaining: Mark Wahlberg was very amusing at times, and hot ladies had some inexplicable attraction to Will Ferrell's character that bordered on the absurd. The main problem was that it sounded like it would be more blooper-action filled than it was, so it was a bit of a letdown -- just as The American sounded much more suspenseful than it really was. If Going the Distance had been paired with The Expendables instead of with Eclipse, I would have gladly seen that instead.

In other news, my weekend is filling up pretty quickly. Geena and I have plans to visit Half Moon Bay on Friday, then my brand new friend Gillian and I are going out that night, possibly to a bar/club type place to blow off some steam. Saturday is tentatively planned for a Stanford football game against Wake Forest (?) with Dan (Stanford's supposed to be really good this year, not that I know anything about football), and Sunday we'll be hitting a Flea Market with Kelly and Geena. It should be a nice, varied weekend.


Sep. 14th, 2010 12:38 am
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I love how Kelly, Geena and I just had an entire conversation via LJ when we're all sitting within about 10 feet of each other. Oh interwebs, you amuse me so.

I am really super annoyed and upset with me because I LOST MY BRAND NEW ZOOM LENS FOR MY NIKON. NOES!!!! I just got a 55-200mm zoom lens for my Nikon D5000 from my parents for my birthday. I brought it with me when Dan and I went to visit his family over the first weekend in September. I KNOW I packed it carefully in my bag to bring him. I'm fairly certain I had it next to my computer in it's little bag. Now, I can't find it. I've looked everywhere in my room, but it's not here. It's gone. Disappeared.

I'm really upset because that is a $250 lens that is GONE. No joke. I can't find it. I've looked everywhere, but it's no where to be found. It's not around my computer or in any drawers. It's not under my bed or in the bag I took on the trip. It's definitely not in my camera bags. Not my purse. Not my car. Not in the laundry. It's not here.

I've looked around the house in areas I might have left it -- but I haven't had a chance to use it yet, so why would it be anywhere but in my room? I've checked the dining room, the kitchen, the living room, the desks in the family room, the foyer... no lens. ARGH.

In other news, Dan and I went to an estate sale on Sunday. There was nothing of interest there until I saw two little ceramic bunnies. They were on the $5 each table. I screwed up my courage and offered $5 for the pair, since the one sitting up had obviously taken a beating. Accepted! Score. These guys are so cute, you have to check them out:

I love the little bunnies. But ARGH LENS WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?
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I just got back from a quick trip to Safeway to pick up some tonic water and cranberry juice for Kelly, since she's ache-y tonight and I'm a GOOD sister, dammit. (Some of the time, at least!) I was at the checkout stand paying for the beverages when I heard, "Catie?" I turned around, and lo and behold, it was Tatian. From high school. As in, the guy who had an insane crush on me during our freshman year. That was nine years ago. Hello there, blast from the past! How are you today?

We exchanged the normal pleasantries -- How are you, I'm fine, Just graduated, Oh really I'm working on my degree(s). You know, standard fare. As we walked out of the store together, he offered to carry my purchases (because nearly 6 liters is heavy?) to be ~nice or ~gentlemanly or whatever, but I'm buff and awesome (hah) so I declined. He asked if we could get coffee and catch up sometime, so we traded phone numbers. I don't have a burning desire to go out with him or anything, but it could be interesting to see how much he's changed and matured since our senior year (god was he immature back then). We'll see how it goes!

So I currently have two guys from my past wanting to get coffee with me sometime soon -- Gabe is in town and he'd like to see me again before he goes back to LA!

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Since Matthew transferred to a private high school, I had to drop his old books off at Leland:

Details of the campus have changed (new bushes there, different sign here, you get the idea), but it's basically the same. I half-expected to see one of my high school buddies hanging out around the flagpole or in the quad.

The registrar is the same person that worked there when I went to school 5+ years ago. I think the receptionist and the nurse are still there, too.

Someone stopped me to ask what I needed, and assumed I was a student. Thanks for the ego boost!

As I was waiting for the registrar to get her nose out of the computer screen and help me, an old teacher of mine walked past and did a double-take. She recognized me! Ish. She knew I was a prior student of hers, but she didn't call me by name. I had her for Spanish freshman and sophomore year. So, 9 and 8 years ago, respectively. I'm surprised she recognized me at all, to be honest. 

And then I took Teddy to Dog Park. The End.

My life is interesting, no?

Milk Story

Sep. 9th, 2010 11:17 pm
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When I got up to make breakfast today, I discovered that we had run out of milk. Again. Annoyed, I made my oatmeal without it and did my best to choke it down without some dairy to wash it down. I figured that Mom would buy some on the way home from work, so I didn't worry about it overly much. I went about my day, then went to work.

I got home just after 7:30pm to discover that no dinner had been cooked (again), so we had to fend for ourselves. Dan and I weren't in the mood to wait for the raw tri tip in the fridge to cook, so we went to the store to pick up a rotisserie chicken. I decided that, since there was still no non-whole milk in the house, I would pick up more milk, too. I got home, loaded down with the chicken, a gallon of whole milk, a gallon of 2% milk, and a half gallon of non-fat milk (hey, we drink a lot of milk, okay??). I briefly considered calling Mom to tell her I'd gotten the milk, but I didn't want to bother her because I didn't know where she was or what she was doing. Also, I figured she wouldn't stop by the store on the way home since it was already rather late.

So Dan and I had dinner and watched Modern Family. When he was pulling out the stitches in my arm, I heard Mom come home. I distinctly also heard her open the refrigerator and whisper, "Damn." When Dan finished my arm, I went out to see her. She, too, had come home with milk. Two gallons, I think. So we now have 1 1/2 gallons whole, 2 gallons 2%, and 1/2 gallon non-fat. That's a lot of milk!

I laughed and told her it was okay. She agreed, saying that Dad could make ice cream this weekend. I mentioned that I had been dying for a good clam chowder the night before, and she perked right up. So we'll be making clam chowder on Saturday and ice cream sometime this weekend.

Yes, that really was 4 paragraphs about milk.



Sep. 8th, 2010 09:00 pm
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I'm having a strange sort of day.

Just before I woke up, I had a dream that Dan and I got married. Only, I didn't want to get married. But I didn't do anything about it, so it happened anyway. Then at some point I think I cheated on him with Bryson (my ex from 8th grade, wtf??) or I was just hanging out with Bryson way too much and ignoring Dan, so Dan got really upset because it was our wedding and he threatened to maim or kill Bryson and and and. I felt terrible, but I didn't. I don't know.

I woke up way too late. I meant to get up around 8am and get out of the house and do something in the morning, but I ended up snoozing until past 10am and only got up when Dan texted me. I wanted to do something but I didn't want to do anything so I ended up poking around the internet for a few hours. I watched an episode of White Collar (zomg I love Matthew Bomer), poked around some more, fed the dog, and went to work.

Work was meh. I have no idea how to get kindergarteners to focus and do their work, and the 1st and 2nd graders are nearly as bad. I managed to score extra pay today and miss most of traffic in the way home since I stayed late to grade papers. Both on the way to work and on the drive home I couldn't settle on a radio station. All the music was too loud or too quiet or too lovey dovey or I couldn't understand the lyrics. Nothing was right.

I got home and found that no one had started dinner, so I had leftovers and watched a recorded episode of Psych on the DVR. Now I'm here, typing this entry, still wanting to do something but nothing.

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We just had a confrontation over paper plates. PAPER. PLATES. Who does that??

Mom asked Matthew to find the paper plates, he couldn't, so he started yelling at Mom for not being specific about the location of the plates when she didn't know where they were and and and. I told him not to yell at Mom. His response? "She started it!"

I don't care if she "started it," don't yell at your mother you prick. Especially over something that dumb.

I just... I am so tired of Matthew and his attitude and his tone and his whole woe-is-me approach.

In other news, I miss having my own place. I want to move out as soon as I can, but I won't make it on a $15/hour, 8 hours/week job. I need a new job or another job so I can get my life back together and take care of myself again.
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I am so ready to quit my job. I would have quit after my first day if I had another source of income lined up.

I got a job tutoring Chinese kids English. Mom and her friend Nancy were at an In-N-Out chatting, talking about how Amanda (Nancy's daughter) and I had graduated college but were unable to find jobs. A lady, Jamie, wandered up, apologized from overhearing, and explained that she worked for a company that tutored mainly kindergarten through 6th grade Chinese kids and mentioned that they were in need of some tutors. Amanda and I both applied, interviewed, and got the jobs. I tutor Monday through Thursday, 4 to 6 pm. Easy enough, right?

Yeah, that's what I thought. )
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So I got a call from my doctor's office. Apparently, my health insurance won't pay for my last visit -- I had to get my white blood cell count re-checked a month and a half ago after a latent infection. Now, I know I'm covered. I've been having problems like this since I was re-admitted for coverage in June. I called the insurance company to talk to them about it. They pulled up my file and said that yes, I am covered. They directed me to call the Human Resources department of my father's company to make sure there wasn't a problem on their end. I called, gave them my information, and they confirmed that, yes, I am covered on their end as well. Next step, I called the doctor's office back and told them what I had just gone through -- both the insurance company and the HR department confirmed my coverage, so it had to be a problem on their end. I told them they needed to call the insurance company for confirmation, because this was obviously their problem. There, problem solved.



They called me back a half hour later and left this message:

"I think there was some confusion on the information umm that I--we had exchanged today. Pretty much when I called this morning to check the status of  a claim for your uh visit on 7/14 I had informed you that the claim is on hold because the insurance the insurance is requiring a full-time student status. You do show you being covered on the plan, being an active member on the plan, but umm they won't process the claim regardless of your eligibility because they want to know if you are a full-time student which you had stated that you had graduated last year or at least early this year.  And so umm the insurance, they are not going to pay the claim because of not being able to show that you are still a full-time student. That is the information I that was given early and also I called them just now. It's not a matter of being eligible, but it's a matter of proving your full-time student status, and since you graduated, they will not be able to pay for the service."

So essentially, I'm eligible to be covered but I'm not covered because I'm not a full-time student, so I;'m ineligible? What? Methinks the insurance company needs to train their employees again. I am correct in thinking that the healthcare bill passed by Congress several months ago extended a parent's medical plan to cover and child of 26 or younger, regardless of student status, yes? We went over this months ago. Our insurance decided to be responsible by implementing this particular bit of reform with the new quarter (which started in June, I believe) on an opt-in basis. We opted in.

So why is this so hard to get right?
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Dan apparently bought something for me awhile ago.  Like, at least a month ago? He told me he was expecting something for me from Fedex, but that it hadn't shipped yet. On Tuesday night, Dan got an email with the tracking information, but nothing about where it was coming from. Fedex dropped off an envelope package addressed to Dan today, and I was so excited because yay it was finally here! I texted Dan: "Package is here! Open open open! Get home so I can open it!" ...but it's not for me. It's 49ers tickets for his dad. Dan sent me the tracking number for my package so I could see where it was.

According to the Fedex tracking site, the package was picked up from Pleasanton yesterday... and arrived in Oakland last night. Pleasanton is 45 minutes from my house. Oakland? Oakland is 70 minutes away. Good planning there, Fedex.
That's not even the good part: It left Oakland this morning... and arrived in Memphis, TENNESSEE, five hours later.




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