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Dan and I are going on a cruise (!) in two weeks. Dan starts orientation at UCLA in 3+ weeks, and graduate school the week after that. At some point, Dan (and I!) has to move to the region around UCLA. That would require actually having an apartment. Which we don't. Oops.

Graduate students get paid to go to school, do research, and TA; grad school is basically a prolonged training period. So, Dan has a built-in job with his schooling. Me? Not so much. Dan's income alone will not allow him to cover the monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in LA. I have very little real, valuable training that would enable me to land a good job with decent pay. And I have no real idea where to find work, since I don't know where we will be living and I likely won't have a car, at least for awhile.

So, let's revisit:
- Moving in under a month. No apartment yet.
- Need to pay rent for said mystery apartment. No job yet.

Yeah, we plan these things reeeaaaal well.
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