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Did you realize I've been unemployed for nearly 4 1/2 months?? Yeah, I didn't either until I counted. Damn.

That said, I JUST GOT A JOB!!!!!! )
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The holiday season is creeping up on me, and I still don't have a job. In my family, we make Christmas easier on "the kids" (me and my siblings, plus Geena and Dan this year) but doing a Secret Santa type thing. We draw names from a hat and set a price range for the presents. So, instead of having to buy four presents at $20 each, we only have to worry about one gift for $10-15 dollars. This method usually saves each of us about $70 that we either don't have or can't afford to spend: Kelly, Geena, Dan and I have to worry about rent/food/bills (and Kelly and I are unemployed), Nick is a poor college student with limited income, and Matt is a lazy high schooler who's never had a job. I think I'll make fudge or cookies or candy for my extended family.

On top of Christmas in December, my mom's birthday is coming up soon (the 17th, I believe), my 4th anniversary with Dan is at the end of the month (the 28th), Kelly's birthday is on December 8th, Grandpa's is December 15th, and Dan's is December 22nd! Oh, and I already missed my parent's 26th(?) Anniversary on October 15th. Even with Secret Santa limiting the number of presents, that's still a lot of shopping.

Dan apparently read my mind and just texted me with: "Spend whatever you'd like on presents. I'm getting 3 pay checks this month. Don't worry about rent."

D'AAAWWWWW He is just too sweet. Either that or he really wants presents!

Question for Kelly: Do you think Mom and Dad would like a scrapbook made by me of their anniversary trip?

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I have been incredibly stressed out about this whole unemployed thing. I had a breakdown last night. I wasn't feeling well yesterday, so I ended up basically sleeping the day away. Dan and I went to bed just before 1 am, but my brain just would not shut up. I'm so worried about the fact that I don't have a job. My brain kept running through what if what it WHAT IF. I finally got up so I wouldn't disturb Dan and had a mini breakdown on the couch. I just sat there and cried because I'm doing everything I can, but it doesn't seem to be enough. It feels like I've applied to a gazillion places already, and no one's hiring. On those rare occasions that I do get an interview, I don't get a call back. I don't even get the courtesy of a response when I call and leave a message inquiring about the vacancy. Once I got a form letter stating "sorry, we found someone better" with a hand-written note saying how much they enjoyed meeting me. Fuck, man.

On top of that, my unemployment isn't going through. I've been out of work for 6 weeks. I haven't gotten a paycheck in over a month. I haven't had any type of income other than a few small birthday checks totalling about $50, if that. Unemployment offered me $74 every week that I am unemployed, as long as I can prove that I am in fact actively looking for work. I've filled out every single form they've sent me to the very best of my ability and sent each and every one back in a timely manner. I still haven't seen a single penny from them. $74 a week isn't much, but it's more than the nothing that I'm currently getting. I just don't understand why my eligibility is in question. I was employed, no I'm not. I paid my taxes, I'm looking for a job. That should make me qualified. ARGH screw government.

Added to all that, I apparently don't qualify to receive food stamps (now called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP). I don't have a job. I have no income. I have about $150 in the bank and almost $200 in cash, for less than $350 total. I have rent to pay ($525/month). I have utilities to pay (~$50). I have mouths to feed (at least myself and Jewel). Food is expensive. How do I not qualify? DOUBLE SCREW GOVERNMENT.
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On Monday, July 27th, I lost my job with LARC. The class I was assigned to tutor was dropped due to UC budget cuts, and there were no other positions available. Plain and simple. Since then, I have applied to no less than 15 vet clinics in just a few weeks. I earned three interviews. Two were weeks ago, and I haven't heard back. The third I had last Friday. I just got a letter from the interviewer today:

"September 8, 2009
Dear Catherine:
Thank you for applying for the position of Veterinary Assistant.
We were fortunate to receive a number of applications from highly qualified individuals. Our decision, which was difficult, has been made and the position has now been filled.
We will retain your application for six months in the event a similar position becomes available. Please accept our regrets and best wishes for success in your job search.
Hospital Administrator"

Below this is a hand-written note:

Really enjoyed meeting you. We wish you much success.

I think the note makes it worse. Like, "we really liked you, but you lose"

I don't get it. I did everything right. I was dressed nicely I was polite and courteous. I asked questions. I was interested. I did my homework before the interview. I even had a high-ranking person with the California Veterinary Medical Association recommend me. So why didn't I get the job??

To make matters worse, I applied for Unemployment nearly a month ago. I've filled out form after form, posted my resume online, and done online job searches through their websit since then, and I still haven't seen a single penny. Today, I received a REEMPLOYMENT AND ELIGIBILITY ASSESSMENT APPOINTMENT NOTICE (didn't anyone ever tell these people that CAPSTALK is annoying and rude?) telling me that I've been assigned an interview on September 24 to determine whether or not I'm actually entitled to the money that I'm entitled to. Srsly, ppl? I had a job. I earned money. I paid the taxes that I was required to pay. Now that I'm out of work and need this service, I get the run around. Stupid red tape crap.

Today has been so full of lose.


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