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Jewel cuddles with me in bed pretty much all night usually until whenever I get up in the morning. At that point, she moves to the floor and wait for the sun to shine through the window, normally around 10am. She knows when the sun is supposed to be there, because she doesn't sit in that spot until 10 ish. Smart kitty.

Today started out the same. Cuddle, wake up, curl up on the rug for some sun action. The only problem is, we have two storm fronts moving in this week, starting today. She tried to get some sun, but it started out weak and then just died altogether, so she came out to see me. I took pity on her and turned on the heat lamp in the bathroom to see if I could give her some artificial sunlight, but it really was not that warm. She left. So, I dug out the heating pad instead. I put the pad approximately where she likes to curl up in the sun and turned it on medium-low, then I left the room. A few minutes later, a looked in to see her curled up on it. She is so cute.

Dan found a "self-warming blanket" last time we went to PetSmart. Basically, the cat curls up on it and the blanket traps the cat's body heat. I'm going to look into getting one for Jewel for Christmas.
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It started yesterday. I had a superficial pain in my chest, just to the left of center. It would throb a bit, disappear, then come back a few minutes later. That's how it was all day, gradually becoming more and more constant at the day wore on. I made beef and barley soup (which turned out to be barley soup with a few chunks of beef and other stuff... oops) for dinner, but I couldn't eat it. It hurt to swallow anything even the slightest but chunky. It wasn't like strep throat pain either -- I've had that a few times so I know how it feels. No, this was the same pain you get when something is lodged in your throat, except it's in my chest. I also feel it in my spine directly opposite the feeling in my chest, but not in between. My breathing is entirely unaffected. My temperature is either normal or below normal (thermometer says 97.2 F), so I apparently don't have an infection. I had a headache yesterday, but that's not unusual. A heating pad on my spine seemed to help last night, but it doesn't feel like it's helping now. This morning I feel a bit shaky and a little queasy, but that could easily be due to not eating nearly enough last night.

Jewel has been shadowing me for the last two days. She normally goes off on her own to sunbathe and nap, but she's been unusually persistent with her attentions. She follows me around wherever I go in the apartment -- she usually does this to some degree, but it's like she doesn't want to let me out of her sight right now. She snuggled with me all night. I woke up with her curled up near my belly, when she normally puts herself by my feet. Currently, she is napping on my computer (yay for warm air vents?) instead of her preferred position in the sun on the rug in my bedroom. Seriously, she'll wait for the sun to come out everyday, but not today. She's usually not on my computer until the evening, when the sun is no longer shining onto a napping place.
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The bed's all set up! I scored a free standard metal bedframe from Freecycle. The guy was really nice and friendly. He just handed me the frame, still in the box, for free. No cash payment, no trade, nada. It felt... really good, actually. Dan and I took apart the old twin  and put together the new-ish bed yesterday afternoon. It's so nice to finally have a bed that we both fit comfortably on. We figured out that we can fir four of us (two Dans and two of me) side-by-side on the queen and still be less cramped than just the two of us on the twin. Win. I would still like a nice bedframe at some point, but that will come when it comes. I'm just happy to have the bed set up right now.

Up until yesterday, the queen mattress was chillin' in the middle of our living room. At first, Jewel refused to touch it. She preferred to cautiously skirt the mattress in the tiny aisle left on the floor, or to squeeze past it behind the couch. When I played with her with the laser pointer, she would chase it only to skid to a stop the moment she'd have to run across the mattress. I had to bribe her with treats to get her to "willingly" step on it. Even though there was plenty of room on it the few nights we slept on it on the living room floor, Jewel wouldn't join us. She snubbed us to sleep on the back of the couch. But pretty much the moment we got the bed set up and made, she was napping on it in the sun. Go figure. Silly girl.

Anyhow, now all we have left is to do something with the old twin bed which is now scattered throughout the apartment. The boxspring is propped up against a bedroom wall, the mattress is squeezed into the walk-in closet, and the little frame is currently leaning against the recliner in the livingroom for some reason. We need to get it out of here! I would like to pass it on for free, considering that I just got this new one free of charge, but I really need the money. Stupid unemployment. So, I'll probably put it up for sale on craigslist, and if it doesn't go within a week there, I'll post it on Freecycle.

I wish money wasn't a problem.

I need a haircut.

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I spoke too soon. Pauline was home when I got back from grocery shopping last night, and guess what? MY CAT WAS OUTSIDE. I live in an apartment community. I don't feel that there is appropriate safe space for cats to be wandering around outside since most of the surrounding area is parking lot. Hence, I keep my cat inside at all times, or I let her out on the balcony when I'm home. Jewel was down in the parking area when I got home. I heard her collar jingle when I got out of the car. When she saw me, she ran up to the apartment like she was scared of being outside. I followed her upstairs to let her in, and I found Xio and her friend on the staircase. I walked past without saying anything because I didn't want to accuse her of something she may not have had anything to do with. When I let Jewel in, I heard someone in the kitched and saw pauline's laptop on the desk. So on my way back down to the car, I asked Xio how long she'd been home: about five minutes, and she hadn't been inside yet. Queen Bitch pauline let my cat out.

This is not a cat who will slip out at any opportunity. She takes ages to decide whether or not she wants to go out, and that takes leaving the door open for at least five minutes. I don't know if this was intentional, but it should not have happened. pauline KNOWS that Jewel is an indoor cat and that the front door needs to be kept closed at all times since there is no screen door. If it was accidental, fine, but be more careful in the future. If it was intentional, WTF? If she has a problem with me, she needs to talk to me about it, not let my cat out to her possible death. LEAVE MY CAT OUT OF IT. GAH.


In other news, I started a new ~diet last Friday. Dan's been doing this since last Tuesday-ish. This diet is set up so I only eat a set amount of calories (1300), based on my weight and metabolic rate. I can basically still eat whatever I want, as long as 35% of my caloric intake is protein, 45% is carbs, and 20% is fat. Dan lost about 5 pounds in the first week. Since last Wednesday, I have gained a little under one pound, according to the scale. But, according to the calliper, I have lost fat! I went from about 117.3 to 118.0 pounds, and from 11 to 7 on the calliper in one week. So, it looks like I've gained muscle but lost fat for a small overall weight gain. I have three weeks left of this ~diet. Let's see what happens!
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Jewel is miffed because she wants to go to bed, but Dan is taking up ~70% of the bed with his body and pillows, and I’m taking up much of the remaining ~30%. She jumped up and stared at me until I moved my legs a bit, then she sort of settled down. When I looked around my laptop at her several minutes later, I saw the she wasn’t laying down as I had thought; her rump was perched on my leg and her little paws were on the bed, holding herself in a semi-sitting position. Poor girl didn’t look too comfortable. I moved my legs to the side a bit more and she immediately took advantage of the extra space to get more comfortable.

Pauline keeps trying to call someone on Skype. It’s rather annoying because the program beeps every two seconds during the call connection phase, and it interrupts my concentration, which makes writing this already aggravating lab report even worse. I’m stuck on my bed (Jewel will steal my spot if I move for even a millisecond), so I can’t close the door. I can’t yell because Dan’s asleep next to me.
I've been working on this gorram report since about 10am Tuesday. I'm still only halfway done with it. This will be a fun night...

ETA: It's 4am and I
 still have to write the results, discussion, and abstract. FML, I'm going to be dead on my feet tomorrow.

Edit the second: It's 7am.
I think I'm finally actually factually done. Whoo! Class in 2 hours...


Feb. 23rd, 2009 08:44 am
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My cat is stealing my blueberry muffin wrapper. She also likes to steal french bread, sourdough bread, and concha frosting from me. She'll also stare at me and beg if I have any type of fish, especially if it's tuna or sushi. Though it's funny, because she LOVES fish, but she won't take it until I give it to her. Hmm...

My left arm has been aching halfway between my shoulder and my elbow. This is the second straight day with no relief. It feels like it's either a very deep muscle ache or maybe the bone, it's that deep. Yesterday it only hurt when I moved my arm, but today it's pretty constant. Also, my shoulder feels tighter than normal, it doesn't move as easily. Aleve didn't help yesterday, and two Ibuprofen haven't helped today. Stupid bursitis. I'm just trying to ignore it for now and go on with my day normally. Maybe it will go away; it always does, though it's only ever lasted a few minutes to hours before, nowhere near a full day or more. *ignore*
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My cat is curled up on my lap, purring. She has hiccups again. XD 
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I don't think Pauline (a roomie) understands power bills. She gets cold sitting next to a window in a t-shirt, so what does she do? She turns on the heater. And leaves it on for an hour. And turns it back on when I turn it off. !! Get a freakin sweater if you're so cold. Sweater = first resort, not last. I only turn on the heater after I've been bundled up for at least a half hour, or if it's just ridiculous (around 60 degrees would qualify; the lowest it's been so far is 68). I'm sitting here, nice and toasty, getting HOT, with just a light sweater on. I'm not made out of money! The heater does NOT need to be on.  

Also about Pauline: She got a job (yay!) at Wells Fargo. All this week and most of next week she has training from 8 am to 5 pm way over in Santa Ana, which is about 17 minutes away by car or over an hour's bus ride. She somehow missed her five alarms this morning, so she was going to be late to training. So, she decided to wake me up before 7 am to ask me for a ride. This was after she kept me awake for a while last night because she decided it would be a *fantastic idea* to bring her laptop into the bedroom right after I'd gone to bed sometime after midnight. So, my response? "umph, tired, zzzz" (translation: "STFU bitch, imma sleep"). Seriously. Learn to be responsible for your own self, then maybe your mom will let you get your driver's permit (she just turned 18 in October). I don't think she's talking to me anymore because she was late and it's all my fault. Boo hoo.
In other news, Jewel is being a bugger. She keeps investigating the Christmas tree, laying under it, peaking up through the branches, and batting at the ornaments. This morning, she swatted off five ornaments in three minutes.
I think she's decided that the tree is her own personal toy dispenser. I came home from lab today to find that she napped the whole time I was gone, and all the ornaments were on the tree. Guess what she was up to within ten minutes of me getting back? Knocking off ornaments and batting them all around the living room. Brat. I love her so much. *hugs kitty*

Bonus points to whoever can identify the source of my icon quote. NO CHEATING. 

Edit: She actually IS wearing a light sweater (I think she put it on after turning the heater on), and it's already 72 degrees in here.
Edit the second: The reason why Pauline "couldn't get up" this morning: she was chatting with a friend online until the wee hours in the morning. She's talking to said person on the phone right now, and her conversation just got really vague and awkward, saying things like "OMG I have to talk to you about something... later." If this is about me being a "bad roommate"... It's not my responsibility to get her up, or make sure she gets to bed at a reasonable hour, OR to drive her to work because she couldn't do either. 
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Mmmm I'm spoiled. Boyfriend's been playing with my hair for a half hour now. And my kitty's being a cuddle-bug. School's out for three weeks, and I'm going home in about a week to see my family. I get to see my sister for the first time in about 9 months, and I get to meet her SO. She seems like a really nice person, so I'm really looking forward to that. (I know you read this. I really am that excited to be meeting you. ILU.) Dan made me hot chocolate while we watched Smallville and brought me ice cream later, after he played with my hair for ages. I also got a work out in today and washed my sheets. Oh, and we decorated the Christmas tree. (The cat keeps investigating the tree. First she was curled up under it, then she started thinking about climbing it. So cute.) So, good day.

Unfortunately I'm spending most of tomorrow locked away in the lab so I can get some work done on stupid Amira. It's easy enough, it's just taking far too long. Hopefully I'll get this scan done in a few days and then I'll be done. I have to tell them that I won't be returning next quarter since I already have way too much to do. (15 units, tutoring for LARC, volunteering at the zoo, working at a vet clinic, and prepping for the DAT) And I have to convince my PI (principal investigator, the professor in charge of the lab) that I am NOT a slacker and that I did the best I could with no help from people who knew the program better than I did. I finally got all the kinks worked out, no thanks to anyone there, but it took something ridiculous like 6 or 7 weeks at 6 hours per week. Seriously though, I am NOT a computer person. And, assigning me more work? Not conducive to me finishing what I really need to do. Install the program yourself, OR have the person using that program do it!!
GAH they drive me crazy.
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In response to a demand from [ profile] moxymojo, pictures of my kitty! This is Jewel, she's about 4 years old, incredibly sweet, and ridiculously soft. I love her to pieces.

Meet Jewel )

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Good news! I finally figured out how to get around the problems that I have been having with Amira (computer program) for the last seven weeks. Woohoo! That means I can actually get some work done! That means I'll stop looking like a slacker to Adam (my PI/professor). There is no end to the good that came from finding this solution. Yay!

Also, it's raining on and off, and my cat is acting like she's never seen rain. She keeps staring at it through the windows. She's so adorable *huggles*


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