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Grandma went home last night!

"Home" is not a care facility or a hospice, but a house home with one caretaker in charge of three or four patients. She gets a lot of one-on-one time with her caretaker. A nurse and physical therapist will be coming in soon to check on her: the nurse to check her overall health and make sure she doesn't develop any infections where the two IV/catheters were, and the therapist to help her work back up to her normal physical activity after spending five days confined to a hospital bed. Mom's under the impression that the bleed did some good; Grandma's talking more than she did before, and in complete sentences, too, at least some of the time. She also gets flashbacks and uses words that she hasn't heard or spoken in a long time. Mom's heard her use throwbacks like "smart-alec." Grandma also seems to be more responsive now than she was before, at least for Mom and Aunt Jan. She's more willing to eat now, too. It usually takes an hour and a half for Rosalie (I think that's her name) to feed Grandma, but Mom and Jan managed it in half the time. Let's just hope these improvements last!

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Grandma can go home!

She's been officially diagnosed as having a <i>small</i> bleed that disappeared on its own. On Saturday she had some weakness/paralysis, but she's doing just fine now, so she can go home soon! On Monday morning, she kept her eyes closed all day and wasn't very responsive - she kept her answers to "yes," "no," "hmmm," and "uh-uh." By yesterday, she was completely awake and aware and responsive to her surroundings. It sounds like she's as functional as she was before this happened a few days ago. They just need to give her some antibiotics. She'll probably go back to the home sometime tomorrow.

(Mom was observing her as we were talking. Apparently, Grandma was hugging and petting someone who wasn't there, maybe Grandpa? This is fairly common behavior for her: When Aunt Yesmene (her daughter) died two years ago, Aunt Jan broke the news. Grandma's response? "What are you talking about, she's standing right there." There was no one else in the room.

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Mom saw Grandma while the neurologist gave her a basic function exam. Grandma had a small inoperable bleed in her brain: "a bleed that becomes a clot that gets reabsorbed." She is NOT paralysed: she can wiggle her fingers and toes and can push and pull on the doctor's arm. The neurologist says she looks pretty good. A physical therapist will stop by to check the extent of her mobility and swallowing capability. If she's as mobile as she was before this incident, she can go back to her care facility*. If not, Mom and my aunts will have to make other arrangements for her. Grandma's lucid and talking and stringing sentences together, which Mom thinks is hilarious. Apparently, this is not due the bleed but is a result of not taking her axiety meds recently.

*Grandma has very advanced Alzheimer's. We moved her out her of house to live with my Aunt Kathy about eight years ago, but she continued to deteriorate. Due to the severity of her disease, my aunt was no longer able to care for her, so they decided to put her in a group home/care facilty (not sure which) that can care for her better. I haven't seen her since then.

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I just got a call from my dad. Sometime last night, my grandmother had a deep brain stroke. She's currently paralysed on her right side and is still bleeding. The doctors don't know if they can stop it, and surgery to repair it is unlikely due to its location. My mom is on her way to the hospital right now, and my Aunt Jan is flying in from Washington; Aunt Kathy is already there. We don't know what will happen.


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